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Welcome to RENND – Named the 'UK's best prototype manufacturing specialist 2019' RENND is a multi-award winning company providing a comprehensive range of prototype manufacturing services combining cutting edge CNC and 3D printing technology with traditional, experienced craftsmanship.



Recently awarded the 'Award for Excellence in CNC machining 2019' We serve a broad range of industries offering an extensive range of manufacturing and design development solutions targeted towards the production of prototype, proof-of-concept and batch components. Specialising in CNC machining and 3D printing amongst others, our in-house design & manufacturing services are available to businesses and individuals worldwide.

3D Printing

  • RENND provide an outstanding array of 3D printing technology including SLA, SLS, DLP, and FDM; delivering unrivaled part quality and rapid turnaround times. Working with some of Europe’s most innovative companies delivering bespoke one-off components and contract manufacturing of production volumes spanning industry sectors including Architecture, Design, Medical, Education, Defence and Scientific.


CNC Machining

  • Providing prototype and subcontract CNC production using precision CNC machining centres, we perform a range of machining services in a variety of materials from plastics and composites to exotic metals and alloys; our skilled technicians undertake complex 3D surfacing projects, prototype and batch productions from one offs to 24,000 parts with larger orders on application.

CNC Routing

  • CNC routing provides fast and accurate shaping of materials such as Woods, Plastics and Composites in 2D and 3D geometry. Suitable for small and very large format workpieces, our CNC routing facilities allow us to undertake a range of creative and mechanical projects.

Model Making

  • Creating incredible models for maximum visual impact. We integrate state of the art manufacturing and combine it with creative craftsmanship to produce extraordinary one-offs that have helped our clients promote their products & brands world-wide.

Rapid Prototyping

  • Rapid prototyping is traditionally a term used to describe prototype fabrication using additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it’s now commonly recognised. Here at RENND we find the term is better understood when applied to a range of manufacturing technologies more suited to rapid production and ongoing development cycles.

Mould & Pattern Tooling

  • Used for generations within the casting and forming industry – cores, cavities and master forms have traditionally been manufactured by hand from wood. By utilising the latest in CNC machining and 3D printing technology RENND have developed a reputation for manufacturing outstanding moulds and forms for all applications including Sand, Investment, PU resin, Silicone and Vacuum forming.


Reaction Injection Moulding

  • Reaction Injection Moulding – or RIM for short, offers many of the benefits of traditional injection moulding whilst allowing for rapid design iterations and shorter production runs. RIM materials offer outstanding mechanical characteristics with predictable behavior in a wide range of operating environments, making them perfectly suited to not only functional prototypes but production components.


  • We specialise in blow-mould product design, ensuring that designs are adapted for optimum manufacturability. With a wide variety of materials and FDA regulations, it is important that you seek sound advice from an experienced team.

Laser Cutting and Etching

  • Utilising CO2 laser technology, we offer cutting & etching in a broad range of materials resulting in functional and artistic workpieces. Our fast and affordable service is available on a bespoke and production basis with lead times as low as 24h.

Injection Moulding



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