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Siliconchips Services Ltd

New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DX 

T: +44(0)203 355 1644 E: W:

Welcome to Siliconchips Services - We are one of the innovative company which provides a full end to end publishing services to the leading brands in UK, Europe and USA publishers.

We are one of the innovative company which provides a full end to end publishing services to the leading brands in UK, Europe and USA publishers. Siliconchips Services is a London based company offering the global means to provide a competitive advantage in customized end to end publishing services.

  • Discover: Siliconchips Services is a London based company offering the global means to provide a competitive advantage in customized end to end publishing services. We have a wide range of specialties, and our commitment is to ensure premium products are delivered to the end user. Siliconchips Services has committed to using in house experts in data conversion to prepare your content for the next level. Whatever your business needs are, we will take your content and produce results.
  • Decide: The choice is yours. Siliconchips Services strives to bring your vision to life. Our ability to provide all services from start to finish at a competitive price offers you the best selection. With flexibility and a talented customer service staff, Siliconchips Services is here to assist your business needs. Our commitment is to build a long term relationship to continuously supply quality product. Our results with our clients speak for themselves. They will assure you that if your selection is Siliconchips Services, you are making the right choice. Book a consultation with Siliconchips Services and see why we are your first and last destination for your publishing needs.
  • Detail: Our team is available to guide your vision. We will discuss, foster and encourage innovating ideas to showcase your product. We want to unlock the potential every time you work with Siliconchips Services. What makes us different is that Siliconchips Services values the use of native speakers in coordination, editing, and proofreading on all projects.  Our talented team is understanding of your project and will accurately pin point the details to produce results you desire. Siliconchips Services will always present your product to you in a timely manner. We have established a reputation with our clients for being accountable in all aspects of your published works.  Working closely with clients in the publishing field, our global team aims to consistently be the best in your eyes.


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What Siliconchips Services can do for you?

  • Help you with your prepress publishing needs
  • We are expert in InDesign and Quark
  • We can help you with your books and journals workflows
  • We can provide end to end production for books and journals
  • Typesetting and XML
  • We work with some leading brands in publishing and deliver them the following:
  • EBook Creation
  • Translation Services
  • Copy Editing and Proof reading
  • Creative Services
  • We are expert in STM and ELT market
  • We are expert in XML and InDesign automation tools
  • Scanning, OCR, Proof reading Services

What we do

Siliconchips Services focuses on providing high-quality and cost-effective end-to-end capabilities in the business of knowledge process outsourcing. Siliconchips Services helps you to create, manage and deliver the content either for reusing or repurposing or delivery in multiple platforms.

Whether you publish any Scientific, Technical, and Medical titles, scholarly, reference, trade, or educational titles Siliconchips Services offers a complete range of prepress services. Our customized workflows, seamless production and comprehensive project management will ensure that you reach your market on time and within budget.

Siliconchips understands that successful data conversion requires a working thorough knowledge of both source and target formats. That is why we have invested in-house experts who can reverse engineer source files if the specified format is unknown.

We have successfully entered the eBook market and work with our clients to convert their titles into eBooks for various platforms. We customize and manage eBook production processes for your unique content, saving you considerable time and money. Going beyond a project-to-project relationship, Siliconchips Services will partner with you to design, build, and deploy an end-to-end eBook workflow to fit your production and budget goals.

High-volume projects are no problem. With any project, our onshore and offshore resources provide reliable service with substantial savings.



We are committed to building long-term partnerships with our business associates by offering the highest-quality solutions and services on time and within budget.

  • We will aspire to be a trusted and an integral part of our customer’s business
  • We aim to be consistently the best in our customer’s eyes
  • We will foster and encourage innovation through continuous improvement
  • We will invest in our people to create a motivated, empowered workforce

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader in our markets and consistently be best in what we do. We will invest in our people and encourage continuous improvement, thereby delivering sustainable profitable growth. We will work to achieve this by sticking to our core values:

  • Develop a successful association of partners, business associates, and colleagues and nurture a mutual relationship of trust, transparency, integrity and respect for each other.
  • Help our clients by unlocking the potential and benefits of outsourcing as a world-class extended team.
  • We are experts in STM and ELT markets.






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