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Busythings Ltd, 3 St James Court, Derby, DE1 1BT

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About Us

Our dream is to inspire a love of learning in children across the world!

At Busy Things we aim to help teachers and parents connect with the digital generation by combining fun and laughter with the highest quality of curriculum-linked content.

We are starting to realise our dream, having won many awards for our innovative content, we now reach an online subscriber base of over 4,000 schools and a growing number of families at home.

We’re continually developing new educational content and plan to expand our range of apps and other merchandise to further engage children’s interest make learning fun in as many ways as we can.

Our motto

Pink man teaching yellow monsters pink man and yellow monsters laughing yellow monster learning


Our Expert Advisors

We love our wonderful quirky world of Busy Things for Schools and we want teachers to love it too! That’s why all of our games and activities are designed with help from real education professionals — you can count on our resources and teacher features to help you meet your learning objectives and make lesson planning as straightforward as possible.

We know how important it is that our games and apps are teaching kids valuable, curriculum-aligned skills. That's why, before we create or release any new teaching resource, we go through a thorough process of teacher consultation to make sure that everything offers maximum educational value.

Our expert team of teacher advisors come from different teaching backgrounds and key stages, and bring a wealth of experience to our resources. They provide advice on all our latest content and must give each one the seal of approval before we add it to our of collection of activities.

Learn more about our expert teacher advisors! 



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Our Awards

Here at Busy Things, we’re not ones to boast…but we've won quite a lot of awards! Our range of educational games and apps have been recognised by a number of top organisations and events. In fact, Busy Things are six times winners at BETT, the world’s leading event for learning technology!

And it’s not just top events and organisations that are singing our praises. Parents, teachers, and — most importantly — children love our games and activities, which bring those tricky or boring school subjects to life using funny animations and exciting gameplay. In fact, we have over 900 expertly-designed Primary school resources for teachers, and an extensive range of exciting family-oriented games which will help kids learn at home.

Plus, everything is designed to build on the skills in the National Curriculum, to ensure that kids’ screen time is productive and educational as well as great fun, covering core subjects like mathsEnglishphonics, and many more. It’s this balance of laughter and effective learning which has netted us so many awards!

If you want to see what all the buzz is about, we offer a FREE trial version for both families and schools — simply sign up and start exploring the world of Busy Things. It’s quick, you won’t need to provide any payment details, and there’s no pressure to subscribe. See just why educators and kids all over the UK are raving about Busy Things!


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