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Welcome to Ecco Solutions

ECCO is an auditable web-based management information system for the delivery and reporting of care and support services.

evidenced: ECCO has been designed to record and evidence all the stages of delivering support or care to vulnerable clients against commissioner requirements. From application to exit, all interventions including referral, allocation, support, review, risk management and exit is captured and reported in real time. Being web-based enables support staff to work in the community and our offline feature allows uninterrupted access to the system even when the system is lost. The evidence gathered can be used to support a Social Return on Investment (Cost Benefit Analysis) report

client-centred: ECCO enables a client centred support plan to be configured to match the precise requirements of any organisation. Group activities, client wellbeing and all tangible outcomes are collected and reported on. Client history from application to exit shows any and all interventions and how they are delivered (phone, one to one, client review, group support, client survey etc). The system can be used to generate reports on activities that are not funded but can be used to support added value reports. Our hierarchical log-in feature enables client access to their personal support plan — either in a read-only capacity or to add comments. Clients or client families can access the system to comment on the service, take part in surveys and generally stay involved in the support delivery if the organisation wants to allow the access.

outcomes: The client outcomes chosen by any provider will depend on the commissioner requirements therefore each service is configured according to the outcomes and interventions the commissioner is funding. Reports on successful interventions and work undertaken toward them is recorded and are available in real time.

what is ECCO?

ECCO is web-based software is built to facilitate the management, reporting, and evidencing of any support or care service delivered by any organisation. We currently work with Charities, the Not for Profit Sector, Private Enterprise, and various statutory funded services. ECCO is based on a software platform that allows it to be configured for each service to ensure that all outcomes and outputs are captured, and to record the specific methodology used. The software is currently being used by over 250 different services supporting more than 7,500 clients. Some of the services include:

  • learning disabled
  • all services for the aging population
  • probation
  • mental health, including forensic mental health
  • physical health
  • acquired brain injury
  • HIV
  • domestic violence
  • complex needs
  • domiciliary care
  • training, skills development, and work-related activities
  • youth homeless
  • care leavers

ECCO core features

ECCO can be configured to meet a wide range of service requirements including: 

  • referral
  • assessment
  • allocation
  • needs assessment
  • risk assessment
  • threat management
  • support plan
  • star plan
  • review
  • exits
  • customer surveys

ECCO software architecture built on ‘audit first’ principles facilitates auditing, team communications, the management of tasks, forensic investigations, and gives a better user experience.

GDPR: Creative Support: (Creative Support is one of the largest Third Sector organisations in Care and Support) ECCO understand the significance of changes in GDPR legislation for the social care sector. They have worked in genuine partnership with us to evolve the software, in order for us to be confident in meeting our GDPR requirements.

Creative Support: "ECCO understand the significance of changes in GDPR legislation for the social care sector. They have worked in genuine partnership with us to evolve the software, in order for us to be confident in meeting our GDPR requirements."

offline: Developing browser technologies have enabled us to expand the scope of ECCO’s off-line capability. The end user does not have to login to an APP, but can continue working seamlessly when the WIFI signal is poor or non-existent. This means an organisation’s staff can work on smart phones and tablets etc. without a SIM card, giving large cost savings for those that might have hundreds of community-based employees. Our customers are confident that their data is secure in light of ECCO’s sophisticated encryption technology. These developments have enabled organisations to adopt a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy and so reduce expenditure on costly hardware.


  • Intensive Housing Management (IHM)
  • HACT
  • Property Maintenance
  • Homelessness
  • Learning disabled
  • Rota
  • Mental Health
  • Addiction Services
  • Domiciliary Care
  • Criminal Justice
  • Baby ECCO
  • HR

pricing structure

Our system is already built and ready to configure to your specific requirements. Our prices include:

  • installation
  • training
  • hosting
  • no up front fees
  • ongoing comprehensive support
  • manned support desk

ecco solutions – the company

ecco solutions specialises in providing web-based software to organisations that support vulnerable individuals — that is our total focus — we do nothing else. Our five directors have between them extensive experience of large scale web-based applications, the support services sector, and supported housing in particular.




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