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Unit 14 Star West, Westmead Industrial Estate, Swindon Wiltshire UK SN5 7SW

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Welcome to Direct Healthcare Solutions

Direct Healthcare Solutions Limited is dedicated to providing a range of quality healthcare products backed up with efficient and forward thinking service in an ever changing healthcare landscape.

The high quality of the products supplied, combined with a passionate and progressive approach to the design, planning and installation process means that Direct Healthcare Solutions can provide our clients with a complete healthcare solution where all needs and requirements are met to the highest standard.

Our clients can also have peace of mind that the on-going maintenance and servicing of their products can be managed in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Within all projects we strive to include and empower all stakeholders in the decision making process at the earliest stage possible, this enables us to provide the best quality, most suitable and cost effective solution for the needs of our clients.

A Fresh Approach to Healthcare


Fall Detection

The Elsi Smart Floor is a unique system which can be easily installed under practically any flooring type, is invisible, senses the movement of the resident around the room and most importantly detects if they fall. Notably, there is no intrusion into the daily routine of the resident and they can feel more secure that should they fall, staff will be notified immediately.  Find out more



The discreet and almost invisible ceiling hoist system offers a safe, comfortable and effective solution for the lifting and transferring of persons with loss of function and an ergonomically safe working environment for healthcare staff. The GHZ lifting module runs inside the transverse rail. This minimizes the built-in dimensions and adds to the lifting height which is often a crucial factor in rooms with lower ceilings. Find out more



The Reval Transcare is a highly versatile bathing system, which is ideal for patients with reduced posture control. The vertical-raise side door allows easy patient access and the high-low function prevents risk of caregiver back strain. The Transcare system also has a unique tilting function, which allows patients with challenging conditions to semi-recline while fully immersed shoulder deep in water. Find out more


Sensory Corner

The Premium Sensory Corner can transform the corner of any room into an exciting, stimulating and interactive multi-sensory environment. Whilst providing a relaxing and calming space, the user can enjoy a dynamic multi-sensory experience both interactive and feature-rich with exciting music therapy and vibration system additions. Find out more



Design & Planning

Working with our clients to provide innovative, contemporary healthcare solutions.
Being involved with our clients from an early stage in any project enables us to use our knowledge and experience, coupled with our clients requirements to design and plan for a cost effective and highly functional solution. From domestic adaptations through to large new build projects our design and planning philosophy remains the same, enabling Direct Healthcare Solutions to provide a confident, passionate and efficient service.
The use of iDapt Planner for quick, simple and accurate plans to be compiled for fast moving domestic adaptations ensures our installations are carried out with minimal impact and maximum benefit to our clients. For larger projects a more extensive CAD service is available to ensure all information is conveyed accurately at the earliest stage, helping the integration of our products into the build process. Find out more
Training & Education


We are passionate about the healthcare solutions we provide, and want to ensure our clients maximise the benefit of the investment they have made, training and education plays a key role in achieving this.
Post installation, it is important that all equipment users are trained and educated as to the correct and best use of all equipment. This will ensure the safest, most efficient use of all equipment is achieved, and maximise the benefit and cost effectiveness of the equipment provided. At Direct Healthcare Solutions we will provide an on-site product demonstration at the point of installation, but can also offer a tailored ‘one off’ or on-going training programme appropriate to our clients needs. Find out more
Product Advice
At Direct Healthcare Solutions we have a wealth of knowledge and experience of a wide range of healthcare products.
Working with our clients to utilise our knowledge and experience allows the maximum benefit to be gained from any products and services we provide. For a FREE, NO OBLIGATION equipment audit, or if you would like to discuss how we can assist in the selection of the correct products for your requirements, please contact us.
Service & Maintenance
Direct Healthcare Solutions can provide full service and maintenance support for a wide range of healthcare equipment.
A comprehensive service and maintenance package can ensure our clients maximise the life span of their equipment, provide peace of mind that all equipment is in the best condition for use and in turn maximise the investment made in their healthcare equipment. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with the service and maintenance of your current equipment portfolio, or any future equipment requirements you may have.







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