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SlipTest Ltd

The Park, Weston Underwood, Buckinghamshire, MK46 5JZ

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SlipTest are the UK leaders in Slip and Trip injury prevention and protection. 20 years of experience in floor safety means that we can offer unbiased and professional services to customers in the private and public sectors. We are specialists in Floor Slip Testing and are the supplier that offers high quality floor-testing using both the Pendulum and SlipAlert testing methods, the only 2 methods recognised by the HSL/HSE.

Complete Floor Safety Consultation: Our service doesn’t start and finish with the test, we provide a holistic approach to our floor consultation and will advise on all factors that will impact the risk of a Slip, Trip or Fall on your premises. We then continue to work with you on implementing any solutions required to improve performance enabling you to demonstrate your duty of care to any auditors.

Independent Assessment: However, we remain completely independent to ensure our customers receive completely unbiased results and have no vested interest in selling flooring, anti-slip solutions or any other products or services.

Accident and Claim Prevention: In today’s increasingly litigious environment, anyone with a responsibility of safety towards employees or the public needs to take the potential risks of Slip Injury seriously, like most accidents it is not a question of ‘if’ it happens, rather then ‘when’ will it happen on your premises, particularly in high footfall areas such as Shopping Centres and Train Stations.

Experience and Accreditation: Operating within Government and national standards, accredited to a number of safety organisations, SlipTest bring years of independent experience to our unique Slips, Trips and Falls Risk Audit and Report, enabling customers to make informed decisions based on our results, and offer peace of mind against potential false accident claims.


SlipTest are total flooring safety experts and we offer our customers a number of floor testing and consultative services to ensure you are getting the best performance from your floors and responsibly managing the risk of Slips, Trips and Falls on your premises.

Our service enables you to demonstrate a proactive approach to identify the gap between how the floor should perform and how it does perform and the consequential activity you have taken to minimise this gap.

SlipTest are the provider who offers both the Pendulum and SlipAlert test methods.  All tests are approved by the British Standard and HSE, providing piece of mind that you can trust in the results you obtain from the test.  Our experienced technicians - in the field will advise you on the choice of equipment to obtain the most accurate results for each individual job.

Whilst the Pendulum is considered 'the preferred method of slipperiness assessment of HSL/HSE and the UK Slip Resistance Group' the SlipAlert is the only other method the HSE/HSL have suggested 'should be regarded as a good indication of available friction, lending itself to risk assessement, monitoring of floor surfaces and evaluating & monitoring cleaning regimes' 

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We have put together some information to help answer some questions you may have around Slip Testing and the reasons and benefits behind testing.



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