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Welcome to True North - Communication that moves your audiences in the direction you want

Mutual House, 70 Conduit Street, London W1S 2GF

T: 020 7041 7881 Or call Andrew direct M: 07976242055

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What we do

We create measurably effective communications that connect with your the public. The advantages are clear. Improve productivity. Work better together. Deliver positive outcomes.

What we can do for you

Events and Experiences: We bring people together through memorable experiences

There are times when nothing beats getting people together to share experiences, network and celebrate success. A great event can be an opportunity for senior management to engage with employees, share a vision of the organisation’s future and create change in people’s behaviour through learning by doing. An event is also a great way to engage members of the public face-to-face and understand what they are really thinking.

From small workshops to gain insights from within an organisation or to test campaign strategies, right through to large scale multi-speaker conventions, live events create and emotional edge through direct experience that online activities alone simply cannot deliver. We’ll help you design your event and produce and deliver the creative content, ensuring a ‘red thread’ of consistency runs through everything.

Organisations we’ve worked with to design, develop and deliver great event-based experiences include Avaya, BMW Group, Orange, Mercedes & SWIFT.

Campaigns and Propositions: We’ll give your message a turbo-charged boost

‘Squeeze it!’… ’Do More. Guaranteed…’ ‘Enabling you to make the right decision’… these are just a few of the compelling propositions we’ve created to give campaign messages that all-important boost.

With time becoming increasingly precious in people’s busy lives, campaigns are a great way to trigger short-term focus on a specific initiative and to create a real buzz throughout an organisation or through raised wider public awareness. We’ve helped increase customer service standards and consistency, deliver improved loyalty and launch new strategies through a mix of digital, print and location based events. By building in the right metrics and monitoring tools, it’s easy to assess the effectiveness of different channels and propositions to achieve even greater effectiveness for the future.

Clients include BT, Capgemini, Electricity North West and John Deere.

Print and Digital: We’ll combine the best of the analogue and digital worlds

Nothing else has the sensory appeal of well-crafted and executed print. It’s interactive. Tactile. And it requires no batteries or wireless signal! Perfect as a leave behind, a takeaway to share with others or even a fun game, print can prove a real winner when it comes to cutting through the distractions and getting your message across. We’ve designed and printed everything from company values to interactive wall boards and even face masks for role playing.

When you integrate print with the easily editable, fast production times and instantaneous distribution of digital you create a powerful combination, leveraging the added benefits of multi-site collaboration, micro-blogging and other social media tools. All supported by dynamic monitoring and user analytics to measure effectiveness.

Clients include Johnson Matthey, John Deere and UK Power Networks.

Video and Webcasts: We’ll bring your messages to life

It’s no coincidence that YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Video is increasingly dominant as the medium of choice for communications and, crucially, it works perfectly on mobile devices. You’ll also gain valuable feedback on levels of engagement. Track views, encourage comments and, for a webcast, there’s nothing more powerful than live feedback.

We’ve created literally hundreds of programmes for high profile clients including Accenture, BAA, BMW, Ford, Land Rover, Northern Ireland Government, PwC, Shell and Volvo. From training modules to company announcements and multi-site broadcasts spanning different continents and time zones, we can respond to any challenge. If senior management are unable to travel for filming, we can even set up a studio on-site in your offices or at a specific alternative location.

About us

We’re a small company based in London with a proven track and a great list of clients.  Our two principal partners are Dr Andrew Hempleman and Roger Linley MA, FRSA who are supported by a team of designers, writers and communications experts.

Case Studies

The case studies on our website are restricted to respect client confidentiality.  When you call us, we can share more detail offline and talk about your specific requirements.


Contact Us

True North, Mutual House, 70 Conduit Street, London W1S 2GF

T: 020 7041 7881  Or call Andrew direct M: 07976242055

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