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CaseLines by Netmaster Solutions 

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CaseLines is the market leading service for the preparation of legal bundles and electronic presentation of documentary and video evidence in the court room. Our systems hold over 210,000 cases, with over 52 million pages of evidence held securely in the cloud. CaseLines reduces the time and effort required to prepare legal bundles, eliminates the direct and indirect costs of paper and PDFs and allows courtroom presentation of the bundles without the added cost of a courtroom operator. Compared with CMS bundling tools, CaseLines is less complex to implement and manage, is preferred by Counsel, court staff and judges, and delivers increased savings.

You can register to use CaseLines and access the system from any web browser by visiting www.CaseLines.Com No specialist hardware is required to use the system which makes roll out time for CaseLines quick and easy.

Beyond PDF

Many digital bundling solutions simply create PDF copies of evidence, but CaseLines takes users beyond PDF, creating a more flexible and accessible bundle.

  • Bundles are dynamic, no need to reissue a pdf when the bundle changes
  • Video evidence can be streamed straight from the bundle
  • Notes stay put even when new pages are added to the bundle
  • Notes can be shared with counsel and other team members
  • Bundles are more secure, nothing is stored on the desktop
  • No need for separate secure mail for sharing and sending to court
  • CaseLines is collaborative without a separate data room



CaseLines incorporates a wide range of features that make both the preparation and presentation of case files more efficient.

Case File Preparation Features

CaseLines makes bundle preparation easy. With a simple user interface and powerful tools you can quickly build your case and work on it with others.

  • Upload multiple formats of evidence – Including text documents, picture evidence and video.
  • Annotate files before court – Users can make both private and widely shared visual notes to  prepare their arguments, including hyperlinking to other pages within the case file and to external sites.
  • Auto ingest – Evidence can be uploaded one document at a time or entire casefiles can be created in minutes by ingesting a properly formatted ZIP file or PDF.
  • Customisable access privileges – Administrators can decide the permission granted to each user invited to a case, creating bespoke access profiles which can include the rights to view documents, upload documents and invite other users to the case.
  • Fully searchable case file – Case files can be searched by key word, including scanned documents which undergo Optical Character Recognition to create searchable versions of each document.
  • Video Conferencing – Users can conduct video conferences with multiple other users, to discuss the evidence from within the case file.
  • De-duplication – Using AI and fuzzy matching algorithms, CaseLines identifies likely duplicate documents and gives users the chance to review these documents to ensure that duplicates are not present in the case file
  • Cloud based storage – Users are able to access their files from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing judges and counsels to prepare their cases from home without the security risk or physical work of transporting hard copy files or storing documents on their computers.

Case File Presentation Features

Using in court displays or individual wireless-enabled devices, CaseLines helps you to present any case clearly and effectively, making sure that all parties can see and access relevant evidence in just a few clicks.

  • One Click video streaming – users can stream video evidence in a range of different resolutions. Users are also able to mark in points to the video stream, allowing them to jump straight to the relevant point in longer sections of footage
  • Page Direction – Any court member can issue a message leading other users to a specific page within the file either by clicking on the message or setting their view to automatically update with each new message
  • Follow The Leader – Users can opt to follow a single court member through the case file, viewing in real time every mouse move and click that the lead user makes within CaseLines while they are presenting
  • Live annotation – users can create new notes to highlight specific areas of any document which will then be updated and visible to the court or their legal team

Security Features

CaseLines ensure that evidence is stored securely while still being accessible.

  • ISO27001 Compliant – CaseLines is certificated to ISO standards of data security.
  • Multiple redundancies – CaseLines stores evidence at multiple data centres throughout Europe, keeping backups of all information on the system and providing geographic redundancy.
  • Encryption – CaseLines encrypts all data as it is accesses and while at rest.
  • Two Stage Authentication – CaseLines uses two stage authentication to protect access to your data.
  • Black and White Listing – CaseLines can create multiple security lists so that you can invite and block any user or domain from accessing your organisation’s data.



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