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Pain Care Clinic Limited

19 Grosvenor Mount

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Working Smarter workshops in the workplace

Modern working life is fast and focused, making many demands on our bodies

According to Public Health England 65-75% of an office worker’s life is spent sitting, over 50% of which is prolonged sustained sitting. In other words, office workers sit for many hours and they stay sitting in unnaturally forced positions, rarely moving.

Not everyone may be feeling it yet, but these modern work habits may be creating restrictions in their fascia, the main connective tissue in the body, which can lead to problems such as repetitive strain injury (RSI) or back pain.

We run lively and informative workshops in the workplace focused on explaining to your staff what’s really going on in their bodies, and what they can do to help themselves stay fit and pain free at work. Our workshops are interactive, as we share simple and practical myofascial stretches and self-help techniques anyone can use practically anywhere.

Our workshops have been developed from our clinic experience of myofascial release. They are designed for small groups and can be tailored to your business.

Our workshops are delivered by our team who are all fully qualified and experienced myofascial release therapists and trainers.


About Us

Pain Care Clinic is a complementary therapy practice specialising in myofascial release.

In our clinics we work one-to-one with people who come to us with chronic pain conditions.

We also run small group workshops for members of the public who want to learn more about how to help themselves out of chronic pain, as well as delivering bespoke Working Smarter workshops in the workplace.

We can deliver our Working Smarter workshops in most UK mainland locations.

We also support our workshops with our clinics where we can provide one-to-one myofascial release therapy for individuals who may already have a chronic pain condition. Our clinics are located in Harley Street London, Leeds, and Sussex.

Pain Care Clinic therapists are myofascial release specialists professionally trained in anatomy and physiology and in myofascial release for chronic pain. We do not diagnose, prescribe drugs, or offer surgery or other medical treatment.

Pain Care Clinic is owned and run by Amanda Oswald, author of Living Pain Free: Healing Chronic Pain with Myofascial Release.


Our Approach

Our approach is an holistic mind–body approach. We believe in helping people to help themselves out of chronic pain and to give them simple techniques to prevent pain developing in the first place.

We specialise in myofascial release because we believe it’s the most effective bodywork technique for treating chronic pain conditions. Unlike massage, which concentrates on muscles, and chiropractic or osteopathy, which concentrate on bones, myofascial release works on both, and on fascia – the main connective tissue in the body - to maximise the benefits of treatment.

Our Working Smarter workshops have developed from our work with individual clients, many of whom work in demanding office environments.


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