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Welcome to Human City


Human City is a spatial strategy consultancy that specialises in helping people to take a successful and socially responsible approach to property investing and development.

Cities are constantly changing. So are the ways people live and work in them. Worldwide, there’s an urgent need to create spaces where people can thrive.

That puts pioneers like you under pressure to define, deliver and demonstrate sustained value – not just for your tenants, but for society itself. But social impact isn’t a neat, fixed metric. It is tough to pin down, and hard to quantify.

That’s where we come in

Drawing on a wealth of expertise across the fields of social science, business intelligence and property valuation, our talented team is here to help you connect the dots.

  • Insight: By strengthening your relationships with local institutions and communities, we help you maximise the performance of your property asset, ensuring it fits within its own unique context and dynamic.
  • Action: In a technology and data-driven world, we identify tangible customer benefits and social value deliverables to use in your engagement strategies and also in the restructuring and management of your asset.
  • Measure: We evaluate the quality of the new places and experiences you create to ensure that social value is evident in the customer and occupier experience, and that results can be measured over time.

Not only does this lead to more stable returns and secure capital value over the long term, but it also means you benefit from increasing local trust and confidence.


We specialise in the financial and social aspects of property asset management and development. Our work spans four areas of expertise:

Design futures and strategy

  • We help you strengthen local partnerships, capture untapped markets and diversify and grow your customer base.

Social value and impact

  • We help you gather and present relevant data, understand key societal and cultural trends, and tell a compelling story about the impact of your asset.

Valuation and strategic asset management

  • We advise on ways to optimise and restructure your assets, helping you redesign them to align with local and wider market conditions.

Tools and techniques

  • Need to go straight to implementation? Our tools will help you scale up the social insights needed to guide the design, development and successful management of your real estate.

We advise organisations seeking to deliver social value through their property asset management and development strategy.

Lenders and investors

  • We know that the time has come for environmental, social and corporate governance to be an intrinsic part of business. So we help you achieve this by building trust and working closely with all your local stakeholders, from occupiers and tenants to businesses and communities.


Property developers and local authorities
  • We know that you now expect you to add significant, measurable social value through each project you deliver. By helping you strengthen your relationships with anchor institutions, we pave the way to success for public and private sector development, reach new customers and build trust and reputation.

Architects and interior designers

  • As experts with a proven track record in community engagement, we’re here to help you embed social value into your designs and engagement strategies. We can help you create places that prioritise public benefit, and deliver adaptable, sustainable new spaces and experiences.

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We provide the fresh, flexible thinking you need to tackle ambitious challenges like the rejuvenation of city-centre retail or the design of alternative residential accommodation. Why not check out our case studies?

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We are a collective of individuals trained in a wealth of disciplines including urban anthropology, data science, experience design, architecture and valuation.

The breadth and depth of this expertise makes us ideally qualified to advise you on the financial and social aspects of property asset management and development.

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