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Hab Consult is a London based building surveying practice specialising in dilapidations, insurance valuations and construction project management. We also offer services such as expert witness reports, insurance claims management, planned maintenance reports and party walls.

Hab Consult works closely with both investors & developers on a wide variety of properties. We do not take a one size fits all approach to providing property consultancy and we understand the importance of providing commercial advice to clients rather than something strictly out of the play book.

At Hab Consult we aim to get the job done swiftly, efficiently and professionally, whether it is negotiating a dilapidations claim or delivering a construction project, each job is undertaken with logic and pragmatism. We take a holistic view of each project as to the impact we it can have commercially and environmentally and leave no stone unturned. Read more about us




Pre-acquisition Surveys

Whether this is your first commercial property purchase, or you are a seasoned investor, before making any investment,it would be wise to know the potential risks you face. Likewise, before purchasing a commercial property or entering into a long leasehold tenancy it would be sensible to obtain some pre-purchase advice to fully understand the risks you face.

A commercial building survey (also known as due-diligence) is not only a detailed inspection of the structure and fabric of the property, which advises on repairs and associated costs, but also offers advice on future maintenance, lease conditions (in particular dilapidations & service charge liabilities) and occupational concerns such as fire risks and health and safety matters.

​When inspecting any property our surveyors will consider the age and type of construction of the property to account for know associated defects with that era or construction method. These could be any issues; from carbonation affecting the concrete structure of a 1960’s office block to dry rot affecting the timbers of an Edwardian pub.

Planned & preventative maintenance

As most commercial building owners / occupiers would tell you, reactive maintenance can be extremely costly and an unnecessary. A facilities manager can keep a building ticking over, however, they will require instruction on how and when to undertake repairs or replacement of some elements of a property.

A carefully drafted planned and preventative maintenance report can be used to ensure that any significant repairs and associated expenditure is properly planned for. A planned and preventative maintenance report can be especially useful when preparing a service charge budget or forecast for a multi-let commercial property.

​Our knowledge of building pathology, coupled with our insight into property management and service charge apportionment enables us to provide clients with commercial advice in the format of a detailed report, alongside our excellent client care.

Expert witness

Unfortunately, not every dispute can be resolved through a bit of negotiation and a handshake, particularly when a client is facing a substantial bill for construction works that they believe to be substandard.

It may be the case that you have already paid for works you believe to be defective, or the contractor has not stuck to the specification of works, or perhaps a defect has arisen following construction work. Whatever your concern we are here to assist.

​Our knowledge of building defects, construction techniques and contractual responsibilities best places HAB Consult to act as an expert witness and prepare CPR compliant expert witness reports for court. As experienced chartered building surveyors we have the credentials and the performance history to advise clients and represent their interests in court.

Insurance valuations

Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects for a property owner or landlord is their building reinstatement valuation.

Much of the time, this is a figure that is hardly considered by the client and unfortunately, occasionally is even based on the capital value of the building.

​We regularly come across undervalued insurance cover, particularly when dealing with insurance claims. When a building is under-insured and suffers a claim, the insurer will seek to average the claim down to its insured value.

​Through undertaking a thorough measured survey and using real-time market data, HAB Consult offer comprehensive reinstatement cost assessments to provide you with a robust insurance valuation. ​We recommend undergoing this exercise every 3 years as insurers calculate the annual premium using inflation, which does not coincide with the construction market.

Project management

With much experience in both small refurbishments and overseeing large and complex construction projects, HAB Consult has both the know-how and creativity to deliver your construction project on time and to budget.

​With an in depth knowledge of construction methodology, team integration and contractual mechanisms HAB Consult ensures that no stone is left unturned. Whether you are an actively involved developer or just a passive investor, we tailor a specific project plan to each client and project, and we never shy away from any challenging events associated with construction projects.

​HAB Consult prides itself on taking on challenging and complex project, with a special interest in high end residential and commercial shop fit-out project management. We have a vast knowledge of the latest technologies used to construct quickly, intelligently or cost effectively. 

​We offer all services from Project Monitoring and Clerk of Works to Client Agent and Contract Adminstrator.


Dilapidations relates to a claim for damages in respect the of the tenant's lease obligations for repairing, maintaining, reinstating and decorating the property. It is perhaps the most contentious area of building surveying and a topic that requires specialist knowledge of the law.

​The purpose of these lease clauses is to ensure that the tenant maintains the property to the standard expected within the contract (lease). Unfortunately, many tenants do not take care of their landlord's property and therefore face a substantial dilapidations claim at lease end.

There are 3 types of dilapidations claim; Interim (mid-term), Terminal (lease end) & Final (post tenant works).

​We have had much experience in preparing, negotiating and settling dilapidations claims for both landlord and tenant clients, and we take a commercial view on matters to ensure that our clients do not get dragged into court unnecessarily. ​We provide reasoned advice and take a meticulous approach to inspecting properties, whether preparing or disputing a claim.

Design & specification

When your project does not require the artistry of an Architect but perhaps a more practical approach, we can offer a solution.

​Perhaps your building has a latent or patent defect, poor design, poor workmanship or you are just seeking to refurbish a tired block of flats, our expert knowledge in construction technology best places us to provide a sensible solution.

​HAB Consult has much experience in specifying repair and refurbishment works to myriad buildings and we employ our knowledge of construction defects and maintenance to ensure a cost effective and long standing solution to your project. We do not only consider the end product, but also buildability and usability of the building to ensure a smooth project and handover. 

Party wall

Perhaps one of the most controversial areas of surveying, party walls involve putting in place an agreement between two neighbouring parties to ensure that notifiable works will be undertaken with due consideration to the adjoining owner. We act for both Building Owners (those intending to undertake the works) and Adjoining Owners (those that have had a notice served on them).

Our principal role is to ensure the following:-

  • Establishing the necessity for party wall notices to be served.
  • The correct notices are served and deadlines are met.
  • The scope of works and method of works has been agreed to ensure minimal disruption.
  • A comprehensive schedule of condition is recorded and agreed.
  • A suitable party wall award is agreed.

In undertaking this role HAB Consult utilises both their knowledge of The Party Wall Act 1996 and their diplomacy to ensure that the party wall process runs smoothly.

Insurance claims

Unfortunately, the worst can happen to your property, whether it is a fire, flood damage or even terrorism, you may need to make an insurance claim. The process of making an insurance claim and managing it can be time consuming, stressful and, at times, emotional. HAB Consult takes a different approach than most loss assessors in managing insurance claims. We works with the client and their broker / insurer to ensure the process is managed a smoothly and efficiently as possible.

HAB Consult  take a meticulous approach when inspecting the damaged property and preparing a schedule of works, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. We have much experience in substantiating and negotiating claims with loss adjusters to ensure our clients walk away even-handed.

If required, HAB Consult will manage the claim to ensure that the client’s loss of rent is suitably covered to a market level and are well placed to project manage the repair works to ensure they are undertaken to a suitable standard.

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