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Unit 6 Northfield Way, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6EJ

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About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help with any project or service that will help your home or workplace become more energy efficient.

LED Supply and Fit are suppliers and fitters of LED products throughout the UK. The LED Supply and Fit main office is located in Newton Aycliffe Industrial Estate. Our location demonstrates our range of products and fitting solutions and the added ability to purchase/pick up from this location.

LED Supply and Fit was quick to establish itself as a leading UK provider of LED products and fully bespoke fitting service. We offer the best-branded LED products on the markets sourced from leading UK Manufacturers, so don’t be fooled by cheap imitations as our LED products have been tested and guaranteed. We provide competitively priced products, leading guarantees, product certifications and a renowned UK delivery service. LED Supply and Fit has provided products and fitting services for leading commercial companies in the UK and is becoming the preferred supplier and installers of LED products for many commercial and residential customers.

LED Supply and Fit operate a dedicated customer service team who are able to assist with any LED queries, demonstrations, orders and projects needs. Give them a call if you have any questions on our products or have a specific project requirement.

LED Lighting is one of the fastest-growing industry areas and over the past year, we have seen over 900,000 standard lights replaced with energy-saving LED Lights, resulting in millions of pounds saved by customers. This has also led to a reduction of over 3000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Save yourself up to 90% on your electricity bill by simply changing your light bulbs to LED and save the planet by doing so!!



Our LED Lighting solutions are a cost-effective alternative to high-energy consuming light bulbs.  Click on the links below to view our full range.




We offer an energy-efficient range of indoor LED lighting. High bay lightsceiling lightspanels or battens and more. Also, some manufacturers take advantage of the fact that LEDs can produce not only white light, but rather many different colours, see our RGB LED Panel page for more colour options.

All of our outdoor lighting and outdoor LED fittings have an IP rating of IP65 or above which all electrical products designed to be outside must have. The IP rating defines the level of protection offered against the entry of water. If the IP rating is unsuitable, water will leak into the fitting and cause it to short circuit.

Here at LED Supply and Fit we currently stock a wide range of flood lightswall packs and street lights all with an extensive 5-year warranty

We offer an energy-efficient range of Commercial lighting. Our range of Commercial lighting is an ideal choice for hallways, stairs and entrances in offices, retail and schools. From our downlights to our flicker free battens, we have everything you need at budget-friendly prices  

We stock a large selection of panelsbattensceiling lights and downlights.




We offer an energy-efficient range of industry lighting. Our range of Commercial lighting is an ideal choice for hallways, stairs and entrances in offices, retail and schools. From our industrial floodlights to our industrial grow lights, we have everything you need at budget-friendly prices.

We stock a large selection of high bayslow baysfloodlightsgrowlights and street lights.

Below are products for LED Emergency lighting, these are fittings that automatically come on or stay on when the power supply to the lighting in a commercial premises’ cuts. The term emergency lighting can vary and involves both standby lighting and escape lighting. Emergency lighting has been designed to work independently and helps buildings be visible under emergency situations. All of our products are up to date with current regulations. Need more information? Call us on 01388 814089.

LED strip lights are a versatile way to create effortless lighting effects, our LED strip lights come in various lengths from 5m up to 50m. colours available are RGB, 3000K, 4000K and 6000K.

LED strip lighting is easy to install and very energy efficient. They can be used at home, in the office, in your restaurant, pretty much anywhere!

All of our kit’s com with remote controls and transformers.