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About Us

Our mission is to deliver innovative and trusted digital living solutions that enhance life.

As the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions, Everon has been providing digital solutions since 2007 in Finland and Sweden and were introduced into the UK in 2019. Our work demonstrates that we can provide tailored solutions that are being used across 70,000+ clients across 3 countries.

Through significant investment in innovation over many years, our flexible, wireless, open platform provides personalised, trusted, and sustainable solutions that enhance life. All systems can be quickly configured to suit individual support requirements across multiple care settings including care homes, assisted living or at home.

Upmost quality

Our Health, housing and care partners can be reassured of industry leading quality, value for money and a future proofed investment. With cloud-based, secure data sharing, our systems enable one holistic view and deliver proactive service models.

Our digital systems and care technology are designed for all vulnerable individuals, those with long term needs, providing a truly person-centred solution that enhances life.

User at the centre

Everon was founded in Finland in 2004 by Markus Merne. At that time, most call systems were using very basic analogue-based technology and characterised by a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Markus felt inspired to turn this approach around by putting the individual user at the centre and building a bespoke solution around them and their specific needs. Our friendly, dedicated team here has decades of experience in digital healthcare, coupled with a deep understanding of our solutions and how we can best meet the needs of each user.



Everon is the European market leader in digital grouped living solutions. Through significant investment in innovation over many years, our flexible, wireless, open platform provides personalised, trusted, and sustainable solutions that help individuals to live a more independent life.

Lyra Cloud Alarm Handling Platform

Intelligent digital solutions

Lyra is our, intelligent, cloud-based platform, designed to provide individually tailored, care and support across multiple settings.

Lyra offers ‘plug and play’ installation with no need for hard wiring. Integrated wireless telecare and telehealth sensors ensure we can deliver bespoke solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our users.

Lyra’s data driven solutions enable our partners to be more proactive and efficient in delivering care & support by monitoring activity and identifying risks quickly, to prevent a decline in health and wellbeing and improve an individual’s quality of life.

View Our Lyra Data Sheet


The Origon Hub

Our Origon Hub connects our digital solutions, equipped with wireless roaming dual SIM, WiFi, Bluetooth digital communication technologies. The Hub is designed to ensure no central point of failure and can locate an individual when incidents arise. Additional smart sensors and wearables are simply installed on-site using ‘Press and Play’ functionality allowing optimum setup time. Our Origon Hub can connect to 64 wireless sensors and is complimented with its own app/platform for monitoring and alerts. With our open platform and API’s, we can connect to external devices making interoperability a key part of our solution.

View our Origon Data Sheet


Everon Mobile App

Our mobile application is used by the leadership team, carers, or nurses to receive and accept alerts from their residents. The app can be downloaded onto any Android mobile handset or tablet and allows the entire team to receive and accept alerts from anywhere on or offsite. There are additional features that allows you to call for emergency assistance should you attend an alert and need additional help. You are also able to view which of your colleagues are working and call them through our Teams function.

Device Management Portal (DMP)

Our DMP can be logged into by any approved members of an organisation, from any location where there is an internet connection or mobile signal. From the DMP, you can quickly and easily see the status of all your connected equipment (so red is offline and green is online). Additionally, you can OTA “over the air” change or update any of the settings on your hubs to ensure the most recent configuration is in place for every resident. You can take advantage of new firmware updates where we have developed additional features (FOC), and you can send this FOTA “firmware over the air” to your units. You have a choice of reports available through our portal where you can view the frequency of alerts from certain residents, and other such data.


Everon Pendant (Option to include Fall Detection)

Our versatile pendant is compatible with the Origon Hub. It works as a smart alarm and provides the support team with guidance to the individuals location. The pendant can be worn around the neck or on the wrist and weighs only 14grams. It is IP-67 rated and has a laser welded cover and offers up to 5-years battery life. An advanced version of the pendant includes a fall detection feature.


OnOn Smart Sensor

Our Onon Smart Sensor comes from a vision of being able to be with and supervise people at risk, always, without compromising their privacy and integrity. Unlike recording video and image sequences, OnOn converts perceived events, into completely anonymous icons and explanatory text. To enable this, artificial intelligence is used, a highly advanced technical intelligence with the ability to understand its surroundings and take appropriate action and raise the necessary alerts through the platform.


IRIS Air Quality Sensor

The IRIS sensor can monitor and alert you to high and low temperature, C02 levels and humidity.  If there are concerns around the welfare of a resident and monitoring the temperature in their home for being too high (which could cause dehydration) or being too low (which could cause hypothermia), this is ideal.

Or, if you are wanting to monitor the air quality and humidity levels of a resident`s home, to be made aware of something that could cause them harm, again, this is ideal.

It has a roaming SIM function allowing ‘plug and play’ setup and deployment across any indoor setting and is powered through USB-C or long-life lithium battery (5 year) for backup during power outages.

Lock Solutions

Our digital lock solutions for care homes and assisted living is adapted to create a high level of security for all residents. Every lock is individual, which means only the person who lives in that room has access.
This negates the need for the care team to handle and carry multiple sets of keys, instead they can use the Everon mobile app, tags, or bracelets to activate the lock system saving time and creating an efficient support function.


Aquarate Hydracare – Monitor hydration anywhere, anytime with confidence

Hydracare technology ensures accurate, automated fluid monitoring to increase hydration and reduce incidences of dehydration in health and social care patients. Hydracup is the only smart cup on the market which can produce accurate data that integrates into care systems, saving staff time, and delivering quality care. The Hydracup discreetly tracks an individual’s fluid intake by measuring liquid volume automatically, allowing caregivers to proactively support further fluids to those who need it the most.


Care sectors

Everon offer ‘plug and play’ digital warden call solutions that can be tailored to suit specific requirements across multiple care settings. For any individual living in a nursing home or care home, for anyone in their own home; we can help you to build a bespoke, wireless platform that offers you and your resident/s or loved one/s complete peace of mind. Our mission is to help you achieve specific support outcomes which in turn offers reassurance to the support team and safety, happiness, and independence for key individuals.

Nursing homes and care homes


Home Care

Every resident living in a nursing or care home has specific support requirements that may change over time. Everon can tailor our cloud-based warden call platform for your resident’s providing peace of mind for the user and support team and offers complete resilience through 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI and industry leading reliability. Individuals in assisted living or sheltered accommodation are doing so safe in the knowledge that support is available 24/7 through the support team or the ARC. Our platform offers individuals a wireless digital hub along with a wide range of peripherals to complement each users lifestyle and gives them the freedom to live their lives safely and independently. Everon’s cloud-based ‘plug and play’ platform can be quickly installed in any dwelling. Our solution provides 24/7 reassurance and support for vulnerable people, helping them to live a safe, active, and independent life for as long as possible.


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