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Seismic Management Services Ltd (SMS).   

Tudor Links House, Littledown Drive, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH7 7AQ

t: +44 1202 399181 e: w:

Our core business is providing a broad range of consulting services to a global E&P client base for land & marine geophysical projects. We are a small but independent International company with a head office base in UK, as well as associate and agency offices throughout the world.   

The primary aim of the company is the provision of an ‘Integrated Approach’ to project management for all types of survey and processing operations undertaken by our clients.

  • EXPERIENCE: Having first hand experience of exploration activities allows us to understand the requirements and assist our consultants.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Knowing what our clients expect allows us to select the right consultants each time for every project.
  • ABILITY: Having the ability to provide a global reach for our organization through our network of associate offices and agents.

We have managed just under 600 projects to date:

Covering all aspects of the seismic exploration project, from pre-planning and bid evaluation to project management and field QA/QC.

  • 2D, 3D, WAZ towed streamer surveys 
  • 4D Life of Field (LoF) 
  • TZ, OBC, OBN 
  • CSEM & MT 
  • Site Survey 
  • 2D and 3D land seismic surveys in desert, swamp, jungle and urban areas 
  • Data Processing QA/QC 
  • Interpretation


  • Project Management & Survey Design 
  • Contract & Bid Evaluation 
  • Technical Audits 
  • 2D | 3D | 4D | OBS | Marine, Land & TZ Seismic Acquisition QC 
  • Gravity and Magnetics Survey Supervision 
  • MMO & PAM Services 
  • Seismic Data Processing Supervision 
  • HSE Supervision & Management 
  • Land & Marine Geotechnical Project Management 
  • Hydrographic & Metocean Survey Supervision 
  • Interpretation Services 
  • Wellsite and G&G Services 
  • Drone Surveys

Survey Design and Project evaluation

Vision Project Services has multi-discipline consultants for all types of project analysis

  • Survey Design 
  • Geophysical evaluation 
  • Acquisition timing analysis 
  • Tender evaluation

Technical Audits

VPS provides experienced consultants for independent technical audits of land, marine or transition zone surveys.

Our Technical Audits comprise of the following field tests, followed up by a comprehensive report:

  • Instrument Testing 
  • Vibrator Testing 
  • Blaster/Detonator Testing 
  • Geophone/Hydrophone Testing 
  • HSE 
  • Crew Proficiency

Marine Seismic Acquisition QC

Vision Project Services has multi-discipline consultants for all types of marine seismic operations.

  • 2D & 3D Towed Streamer 
  • 4D Life of Field Imaging 
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic 
  • Nodal Seismic 
  • Electro-Magnetic Seismic 
  • BroadBand Seismic 
  • Non-Seismic Techniques

Ocean Bottom and Nodal Seismic QC

Vision Project Services has consultants specializing in Ocean Bottom and Life-of-field surveys

  • Multi-source Ocean bottom 
  • 4D Life of Field matching 
  • Crowded field experience 
  • Nodal Seismic

Land Seismic Acquisition QC

Vision Project Services has multi-discipline consultants for all types of Land geophysical operations.

  • VibroSeis 
  • Dynamite 
  • Mixed Source 
  • Magnetotelluric 
  • Gravity 
  • Drone Surveys

MMO & PAM Services

Vision Project Services provide Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) and environmental specialists, as well as Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) systems.

  • Trained and experienced MMO and PAM operators 
  • Our PAM operators are experienced Marine Mammal Observers as well as trained Passive Acoustic Monitoring personnel, with professional qualifications in Marine Biosciences. 
  • PAM equipment

Vanishing Point PAM system:

  • Fully compliant with current JNCC guidelines 
  • Detects a wide range of marine mammal vocalisations
  • Systems supplied with 100% spares 
  • GPS provides an exact time and location of mammal sightings and a record of the vessel’s position and monitoring effort during the survey
  • Vanishing Point system is user friendly, quick and easy to set up and operate and does not require additional ‘system specific’ training

QA/QC Applications

  • MultiSeis/MultiStudio 
  • FGPS P1Tools & SeisPOS (for conventional and OBS Surveys) 
  • Geometis Suites 
  • Testif-I & Sandwich Box Vibrator Test System 
  • ProMAX 
  • Vanishing Point PAM

Drone services

Vision Project Services (UK) Ltd. via our UK-based associate company, now offers drone services capable of obtaining 2D and 3D images in RGB bands, NIR (near infrared), thermal and polarized images.

  • The system is also capable of producing Geo-referenced images for mapping, calculating volumes and areas. It can also be used for monitoring pipelines, showing any erosive processes present, and the structural fidelity of the pipelines
  • The drone can provide easy technical solutions and reduce costs and operating risks. It provides for increased efficiency for field information operations. It can also assist in mitigating operational risks providing an improvement in HSEQ.


Vision Project Services is committed to avoiding injury to, and the preservation of, the Health and Safety of its employees, consultants, contractors and any other persons who may at any time be affected by conducting geophysical operations, in a manner that provides optimum protection, by demonstrating HSE leadership and adopting strict Health and Safety system management and Environmental consideration, while in the pursuit of business excellence.

Our HSE-MS plan is tied in with the IAGC Code of Conduct.



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