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Providing expertise and capacity in research data analysis and visualisation to deliver actionable insights.

Saving you time, engaging your audience and improving your business performance.

Our founding Director is Colin Wojtowycz. 

As a certified Tableau Data Analyst, he is an expert in creating insightful and interactive data visualisations.

He enjoys analysing and reporting on quantitative survey data.  Building insightful data stories that include key insights for decision making.

He has delivered many successful data visualisation projects for a wide range of clients including Local Government, national bodies, charities, research agencies and data start-ups.

Building on many years working in Local Government, where he delivered a programme of customer insight, research and consultation to inform service planning and delivery.

Our specialties are:

  • Online survey and questionnaire design
  • Survey data analysis and reporting
  • Spatial data analysis
  • Data visualisation design
  • Dashboard design and build
  • Training and coaching in data visualisation.


Key Services

Analysis of your business and research data to gain valuable insights. Communicated through data visualisation to engage your target audience.


Design effective online surveys to gather valuable data on stakeholder opinions 

Undertake social research to identify key priorities for action in local areas.


 Data Analysis
Analyse survey and research data to explore key trends

Map spatial data to provide geographical insights

Derive KPIs to measure business performance.


 Data Visualisation
To maximise the visual impact of your research data

Chart design that informs insightful data stories

Interactive dashboards that explore data in depth.


Survey reports that provide valuable insights into stakeholder priorities and concerns

Dashboard reports that highlight key performance issues at a glance.


Some of the ways we can help add value to your organisation include:

Increased capacity

  • Delivering a flexible on demand research and intelligence service.

Quicker routes to insight

  • Uncovering and communicating insights tailored to your audience’s needs.

Engaged audiences

  • Visibly demonstrate the impact of your research and intelligence work. To drive up audience engagement.

Enhanced skills and expertise

  • Widening your team’s access to specialist research skills and expertise.


Who can benefit?

Organisations who want to turn their business and research data into insights for better decision making.  For example…

  • Helping local authorities understand customer and staff perceptions through survey analysis and reporting
  • Demonstrating the impact of national research studies through developing bespoke interactive data visualisations
  • Supporting businesses to monitor and improve their performance through designing interactive sales and marketing dashboards
  • Training data analysis teams to design better surveys and visualise survey data for reporting.


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Case Study

Training a Council to design good practice questionnaires and visualise the results effectively.

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Supporting a research agency to understand the digital experiences of older care residents.

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