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About Us

Absolute Action is a privately owned Limited company based near London in South-East England. It was established in 1983 and has since that time specialised almost exclusively in the development of fibre optic technology and systems for the purposes of illumination and display. As such, it is the longest-established and most experienced company in the market today.

During the past 30 years, the Company has independently sourced, tested, and deployed a wide range of different fibre types, lamps, optical components and control equipment in the development and execution of their work. The type and combination into a final system of any of these foregoing elements is at all times determined by the required end result for each project in aesthetic and practical terms, as well as with regard to performance and durability.

Absolute Action offers a full consultancy service and undertakes responsibility for projects from concept to completion. Underpinning the company's wealth of experience is a fundamental commitment to progressive development of what is best and viable in the fibre optic lighting industry. The Company invests continually in an intensive R & D programme, drawing on the specialist skills both of in-house engineers and technicians as well as independent consultants in specific fields of expertise.

At Absolute Action, we are extremely proud of our high standing within the industry. The Company is dedicated at all times to providing the very best in quality of supply and service. This has resulted in an impressive record of acclaimed installations and an international reputation for innovation, reliability and durability.

We invite prospective clients to examine our installations around the world, many of which have been honoured with Awards and published as exemplary.

Contractors, designers and specifiers can enjoy total confidence in Absolute Action's competence, as the leading specialists in the field, to undertake the most substantial and demanding contracts with proper professional care and efficiency anywhere in the world.


Charter Lighting is an established brand of highest quality lighting equipment that has been developed by Absolute Action Ltd. to meet the very special and exacting requirements of the Heritage Sector, with a primary focus on the illumination of fine art.

We have many years’ experience in the lighting of art, during that time having evolved a deep understanding of the needs of owners, curators and property managers. We appreciate the care, dedication and often the sacrifice that can be involved in keeping these precious collections together as well preserving them properly for future generations to enjoy.

Our research programme is committed to ensuring both the sustainability of our products and to the conservation of artworks, while at all times ensuring the very best possible quality of light. Nothing matters more to the faithful presentation of a work of art than the application of proper, full-spectrum illumination, and nothing detracts more – both from the aesthetic experience and even by causing physical damage – than the use of poor quality or inappropriate lighting. 

With our manufacturing capabilities in the UK, we deliver tailor-made solutions under-pinned by comprehensive consultancy and support services.  We pride ourselves in providing a total, integrated approach to all your lighting needs, delivering solutions with careful attention to detail and prompt efficiency.

Carefully Selected Product Range

Speciality LED Picture Lights
Fibre Optic Lighting Applications & Upgrades
Building & Architectural Illumination
Conservation Standard LED Lamps & Fittings

Lighting Specification & Project Management

Design, Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning
Bespoke Lighting Product Development
Fast & Reliable Implementation
Specialist Maintenance & Technical Support




Light Source

Fibre Optic Harness

The Output Fittings

This component connects to the mains power supply and provides a single source of light for multiple fibre light guides. It is the most determining element of intensity in any fibre optic lighting system. By the inclusion of ancillary components, such as dimming or colour change elements, each unit can be tailored to generate a variety of lighting techniques. Usually made up into a harness (or bundle of several light guides), this element transmits light from source to the output fittings. Various fibre sizes and configurations are available to fulfil different lighting specifications. Light quality and intensity may be affected by both fibre active diameter and light-guide length. These are generally the only part of the system that is visible, and this is where the most flexibility prevails in terms of optical performance, functional aesthetic, and finish. A range of standard fixtures does exist within the panoply of variations and original designs. 
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The Art Light

Bedside Reading Light

Slimline Light Bar

Drawing on years of experience and specialist work with art collections around the world, and combining the best in cutting edge technolody and flexible design, The Art Light has been specially developed. An elegant bedhead reading light which can be manually directed with complete safety, and generate no light spill. The Absolute Action Slim Light Bar is an exciting new addition to the Company's extensive range of display case lighting equipment, for retail or conservation applications.
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Miniature Track System

  The miniature track accommodates the proprietary 16mm M5 ball & plate fitting, and is specially designed to be installed inside slimline frames (sides, top or bottom) of display cases for conservation or retail applications.  
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Fibre Optics Applications

Art & Sculpture Lighting

Canopy & Atrium Lighting

Gems & Jewellery Lighting

Lighting Decor & Effects

Conservation Project Lighting

Commercial Installation Lighting

Retail Space Lighting

Ecclesiastical Lighting

Wet Lighting

Residential Lighting

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