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20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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Summary of Services 

  • ESTATE AGENCY – Residential Sales covering London, The Home Counties, East Anglia & East Sussex.
  • LEASEHOLD ENFRANCHISEMENT – Lease Extensions & Freehold Acquisitions.
  • TAX VALUATIONS – RICS ‘Red Book’ valuations for Capital Gains Tax & Inheritance Tax including ATED & Probate


About Us

The property purchaser will, of course, have little or no regard to the grandiosity of agent branding and image as they will be looking specifically at property not the selling agent. The property vendor, however, is far more likely to be distracted and influenced by such things and small, hybrid companies such as ours will inevitably be at high risk of being lost in the ether and left undiscovered. To some extent though we see this apparent disadvantage as quite the opposite and very much a positive as it engenders exclusivity. We are a small company and intend to remain so always operating on a low-volume basis and giving a dedicated and bespoke service to our relatively small numbers of trusting clients. Our specialisation (not exclusively but a specialisation nonetheless) is quality property that would ordinarily find itself in the medium to higher price valuation bracket. Just the sort of property in fact that would benefit most from a higher level of dedicated and focused attention.

Geographically speaking we cover the whole of London and the home counties stretching as far west as Reading and as far north as Cambridge. We are perfectly happy in our ability to service these areas and this territory given the way that we work. Our modus operandi is to allocate the relatively low number of instructions that we receive in this our specialist bracket to dedicated associates on a low-volume basis. Typically for example we would not expect to see anything very much higher than five properties per individual with back-up, support systems in place. What we may lack in branding therefore we make up for in a number of other, very important ways.

  • We have a combined total of over 100 years property experience in the team.
  • We do not have sales targets
  • We have time to spend on our trusting and insightful clients
  • We have other professional knowledge (including leasehold enfranchisement)
  • We work happily together as a coherent team
  • We understand the importance of communication and proactivity

If this is what hybrid is then, rather than being a dilution or compromise, you might see this instead as being the best of both worlds. We will let you be the judge.


Our Services

We offer an entirely equivalent service to that of our high street colleagues – we just try hard to do it better. Fees are also important, however, whether you call it commission or something else, and ours will always be sensible and typically lower by comparison with that more traditional style of trading. As for the big corporates and the TV advertisers and their chosen fee structures this, of course, will be a matter of choice for the individual.

In simple terms online marketing has provided the opportunity for estate agency to re- invent itself. Unfortunately for the big corporates this has not proven to be about bulk selling and bucket-shop fees. Fortunately for the selling public (as and when they may come to realise it) there is now a new breed of agent emerging. Smaller, dedicated, focused and genuinely professional in their dealings. The hybrid is here; all you have to do is learn to trust the people rather than the brand.

As a general commentary you should find that our fees will never be any higher than the local high street operator whether that be in London or outside the M25 and in nearly every instance they will be lower. This might be only marginally so outside of London and at the lower end of the valuation scale. Inside the M25, however, where commission charging tends to be higher in any event and in particular at the higher value range, the savings will be considerable and sometimes huge. Effectively this is only highlighting the grossly unfair practice of using blanket commission charging rates irrespective of a property’s value.

Call us and we will give you a bespoke quotation. It is highly unlikely you will be disappointed and we make a point of never being beaten on fees by any ‘conventional’ high street agent operating in our specialist price bracket.

We also carry out other various professional work that is not necessarily directly connected with agency, although it certainly can be on occasion. This includes leasehold enfranchisement work concerning lease extensions and the collective freehold acquisition of blocks of flats and also valuation for revenue purposes such as Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax (probate).

Please don’t hesitate to call us if you believe that we may be able to assist in anything related to the above.





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