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Welcome to The Urban Company (UK) Ltd 

Within the company there is a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables us to fulfil and meet all the needs of our customers. We are able to supply from the general public right through to national outlets.

Our portfolio of products include: vehicle roof carrying systems, dog barriers, seat covers, car covers and a variety of general car accessories. We are distributors for many household brands such as:


What we do

Part of our business is that we are the UK distributor for  high performance cleanable and reusable cotton air filters.

The GREEN FILTER EUROPE is a French brand, rated at 96% for “Supplier Quality” (ISO 9002).

The filters are compatible for virtually all major makes of vehicles.

Green by name, Green by nature!

The filter is fully reusable so the environment benefits as there’s less waste going to landfill!

As the engine will be running more efficiently due to an improvement in fuel economy there will be less air pollution!

Why Choose our Products?

GREEN COTTON FILTER  is a complete range, The filtration material used is a cotton gauze impregnated with oil rather than paper.

GREEN COTTON FILTER’S filtration systems corresponds to virtually all vehicles with internal combustion engines. Such as passenger cars, rally, Formula 1, SUVs, ATVs, LCV/HGV, civil engineering vehicles, karts, microlights, classic cars, boats, jet skis, motorcycles and quad bikes.

The majority of paper filters are over an inch thick and the air has to pass through this barrier. The GREEN COTTON FILTER is a fraction of this thickness and the deep pleated design creates a 10-15% increase in filtration surface area.

The result is that the air has far less material to pass through, which results in more oxygen in the fuel/air charge enabling it to burn more efficiently!

Precision Production

Most filters use a simple pressure moulded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the filter. This results in rubber seeping onto the filter surface, creating a barrier and reducing surface area by up to 10-15%. This decreases the amount of air flowing through the filter, reducing performance!

However,  GREEN COTTON FILTERS use a more precise production process that virtually eliminates rubber seepage onto the filter surface, maximising air flow and increasing engine performance.

The rubber frame of the filter ensures a tight and secure fit inside the air box maximising air flow through the filter.

Benefits of using GREEN COTTON FILTER

  • Simple DIY Fit
  • Instant performance gain
  • Vast range of fitments
  • Economically and environmentally friendly
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Washable and reusable
  • 60,000 miles guarantee


Our Products

Replacement Panel Filters

These filters simply replace the existing standard air filters and offer reduced restriction of the air intake system so optimising horsepower, throttle response and torque.

Rather than paper, the filtration material used is a cotton gauze impregnated with a light oil. The material not only improves air flow, it is also better than paper at filtering tiny particles. Can be cleaned and re-used. Cotton gauze filters do not clog up as quickly as paper so service intervals can be longer.

Simple to fit, just remove the original filter from the air box and “drop in” the GREEN COTTON replacement air filter element.

GREEN COTTON FILTERS can easily be cleaned and reconditioned with one of our Cleaner/Oil kits, so saving on service costs.

Other Filters

Within the GREEN COTTON FILTER range there are filters of various types:

  • Breather
  • Cylindrical
  • Single Cone
  • Twin Cone
  • Induction Kit

Need a different filter? Contact us as bespoke projects can be undertaken and developed to suit your own requirements.



  • Regular care and cleaning of your GREEN COTTON FILTER will result in better air flow for your engine.
  • Your GREEN COTTON FILTER is supplied pre-oiled.
  • We recommend that your GREEN COTTON FILTER should be cleaned every 5000-8000 miles or every 6 months for better results.

However, if you are driving in very dirty or dusty conditions you may need to clean your filter more regularly.

The GREEN COTTON FILTER can easily be cleaned and reconditioned with one of our Cleaner/Oil kits.


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