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Covid-19 has risen the issue of fever protection right to the top of the agenda butCovid-19 is not the only issue and there could be more to come.

Not everyone has the luxury of allowing the team to work from home but all are exposed to the risk of one staff member attending work while not feeling well and taking swaths of the team out of the office by infections spread in the workplace.

Underpinning your work forces return to the office or for them to remain in the office is their trust and confidence that you will do the right thing, that also applies to your stakeholders who need to see that you have discharged your responsibilities to provide a safe working environment.

Thermal imaging cameras can detect temperature variances within 0.5 degrees centigrade from up to three metres away and deploy alarms where variances occur and with an option of ‘Mask’ detection, simply if a mask is required and a subject is not meeting the requirement an alarm is sounded.

This is a cost-effective way of managing the safety of your working environment with very little cost. All of our solutions can be funded to minimise capital expenditure where appropriate.

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