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Andrew Skerratt LLB, MRICS, MEWI, CUEW’ – disability needs construction expert

Andrew Skerratt is a renowned disability needs construction expert and can provide professional and knowledgeable advice on disabled housing contracts.

Andrew Skerratt is a disability needs construction expert who understands that the disabled community and those with mobility issues require special assistance when it comes to housing. Those who are disabled need accommodation that meets their needs and allows them to relax and enjoy their home in ease and comfort. Andrew’s years of experience in this field means that he truly understands and can help with all aspects of accommodation adaptation services and expert witness services.

Andrew has a rare level of experience as an expert witness for court cases and mediation cases, having given evidence in approximately 850 cases across Sussex, Surrey and Kent.


Expert witness services

While being based in the South-East, I have worked around the UK and even travelled overseas to offer my expert advice.  I am a registered member of RICS and EWI as well as being a Bachelor of Law.  My specialist area involves the needs of disabled people and how this should be accommodated in the property they live in.  I use my knowledge in the area and as a surveyor to offer expert witness services for law firms who are involved in cases regarding these topics.

I stay current on the latest regulations and best practice through working with my linked company, Cubic Architectural Services.  This allows me to ensure I remain up to date and see the advice I offer in action for real people.

Services for disabled people
I also offer services for disabled people around finding or adapting a property to meet their needs.
As a specialist property finder, I have a network of contacts that includes people who offer adapted properties for a range of disabilities and cognitive impairments.

I can also help you with advice and practical changes to adapt a property for someone with a disability.  That way they can always feel safe and comfortable in their home.

Other services provided by SPS include:

  • Construction cost advice related to small scale adaptation work
  • Construction claim forensic support service
  • Construction procurement service
  • Design and project management for small works service
  • English/Russian translation service for reports



Expert witness service from a trusted expert

If you are involved in a disability case revolving around adequate accommodation needs for either structural or adaptable issues, then you need an expert witness who can offer an opinion.  I am an Accredited Expert Witness with Bond Solon (CUEW) and my job is to offer that expert witness service based on my knowledge and expertise as a trained and qualified surveyor who specialists in adaptations for people with a wide range of complex needs.

Services Include:

  • Expert witness service
  • Qualified surveyor
  • Extensive experience in the sector
  • Worked with companies around the world
  • Housing or accommodation adaptation specialist

Expert witness for specialist cases
My knowledge makes me an expert witness for a range of specialist cases.  I have worked with some of the biggest and best known law firms in the UK to help them with cases involving disability and the needs of the individual. Having travelled around the world to offer my expertise, I am here to help with the case you are dealing with and ensure you get the most up to date and accurate information and testimony to support you.

I am registered with RICS, EWI and am also a Bachelor of Law.  My primary role involves working with law firms who specialise in accommodation disability claims and my background in surveying makes me uniquely qualified for this work.

Up to date in the field
I also ensure I am always up to date in the field due to the work I do with my linked business, Cubic Architectural Services. I assist them with the creation of disabled access for the properties they construct or adapt so I always have the most current knowledge around the latest housing adaptation schemes, regulations and best practice.

If you require assistance or expert witness services for a case of this nature, please contact me so we can chat about your needs and the details of the case further.



Disabled accommodation advice

Everyone should be able to be comfortable and safe in their own homes but for people with disabilities, this isn’t always the case. If you are seeking to get disabled accommodation advice to adapt a property for yourself or someone who is disabled, then I can help.  As an expert in the subject, I can offer my knowledge to help you make the right choices in adapting the property.

Services include:

  • Disabled accommodation advice
  • Professional assessment of the property
  • Advice based on individual needs
  • Help maintain quality of life
  • Comprehensive property advice and information

Help with disabled accommodation

Part of my job is to help with advice and guidance on adapting properties to accommodate disabled people.  There’s no reason why everyone can’t enjoy a safe and comfortable home with the right changes being made to adapt for their needs.  My service involves assessing the needs of the individual or group of people using the property and then offering expert advice on how best to adapt it to suit those needs.  While disabled people face daily challenges, their own homes should help them, not hinder and that is the aim of what I do.

Experience across the industry
Disabled housing advice is a specialist area and I have a wide range of knowledge to apply to it – as well as having been involved in some 900 accommodation annual cases each year.  These include where people have physical disabilities, spinal injuries and even amputations.  It has also included assisting with accommodation for people who have cognitive impairments.

Through my work directly and through my linked company, Cubic Architectural Services, I can assist with the alterations needed to an existing property.  I can also offer advice on the construction of a new property with the relevant adaptations in place from the planning stage.  That way the house is ready for its residents from the moment they move in.


Specialist property finder for those who are disabled

When you or someone in your family has a disability, finding a property that is safe, comfortable and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest can be challenging.  Part of my role is as a specialist property finder to help you get the right property for your disability so you can enjoy your new home and feel secure in it.

Services include:

  • Specialist property finder
  • Help with properties for disabled people
  • Professional disabled housing consultant
  • Carry out preliminary investigations
  • Provide a report on changes needed

Find the right property
Finding a property with the right adaptations for your disability can be challenging.  Sometimes the requirements might not be as clear and this can make more properties seem suitable – until the disabled person moves in and finds the problems.  My role is to carry out an assessment before you commit to the property to help you find the right home or even to help you find a home that is already adapted.

As an experienced disabled housing consultant, I can visit a property and carry out a preliminary investigation based on the information you provide about your condition.  I can then offer advice on changes that are needed to make the property safe and comfortable for you in light of your disabilities.

Help for landlords or property owners
My services are also available for landlords and property owners who are offering their property for disabled tenants.  That way you can get an idea of any changes that are required or if what has been done is sufficient.

I have worked in partnership with architectural firms around the UK to offer this advice and work with Cubic Architectural Services to ensure I am up to date with the latest regulations and best practice. That way, the advice I give is always current and accurate.




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