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Valkyrie are specialised security consultants drawing on over 100 years’ combined experience in Britain’s most elite military and intelligence units.

We deliver high-level cyber and physical security solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


Our team is drawn from world-class security and intelligence organisations including the military, special forces and the police, as well as civilian experts. We are motivated by the satisfaction of our clients. All Valkyrie services are provided by our in house team and best of breed partners. READ MORE



Valkyrie are industry leaders in security and risk management. We aim to comprehensively identify, assess and manage risks that you or your company may face. Our services are centred on two key areas - advanced technologies and innovative measures, and personalised and comprehensive security.


Our Services

Advanced Technologies and Innovative Measures


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
commonly referred to as 'bug sweeping'.

Valkyrie's TSCM capability is delivered by a highly experienced team. Our services are designed to provide government level counter-eavesdropping protection for private and corporate clients. Solutions include: TSCM inspections (sweeps), risk assessments and gap analysis; threat briefings for company and security teams; strategic advice on the setup of TSCM services/counter-eavesdropping programmes; and permanent live monitoring systems.

Technical Tracking Solutions

  • Luxury vehicles and classic cars are always on the criminal's shopping list. Often stolen to order, they are almost instantly sold on, meaning your prized asset could quickly be on its way out of the country never to be seen again. Valkyrie provides specialist covert tracking equipment that is easily installed in a single vehicle or multivehicle collection, reports in daily and can be monitored from any internet-enabled device. It is self-powered, quick and easy to install, adding immediate, state-of-the-art security protection to your prized possessions.

Access Control Systems

  • Valkyrie provides innovative access control solutions tailored to the security needs of an individual or organisation. Our solutions include the highly secure ‘Valkyrie Portunus’, a globally renowned access control system used by the UK Houses of Parliament and the US Pentagon. The system is highly effective, easy to install and provides a cost effective, flexible security system for companies, organisations, and individual buildings of all sizes.

Cyber Security

  • Valkyrie offers a comprehensive suite of advanced cyber security services, designed specifically for information security and networks. We work strategically with our clients delivering continuous IT security improvement utilising only the very best people, partners, processes and technology to deliver consistency and quality. Our cyber services include: creative testing/ethical hacking, training, practical recommendations/roadmaps and dark-web-monitoring.


Personalised and Comprehensive Security


Private Clients

  • With a highly professional and discreet approach, Valkyrie’s Private Client Services are designed to support family business circumstances and requirements, integrating seamlessly into the client’s day-to-day life. Whether working for/on behalf of family offices, diplomats, celebrities or ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs) around the globe, we are committed to building long-term, trusted relationships.

Security and Risk Consulting Services

  • Our services cover both physical and cyber domains, ensuring clients are prepared for all circumstances by providing detailed advice, planning, and support. These services ensure the security and continuity of your operation/activity, irrespective of any challenges you may face. Our solutions include: threat analysis; risk assessments; planning; security/travel management and specialist advice.

Investigation, Intelligence and Surveillance Services

  • Valkyrie offers a highly professional and wide-ranging investigation, intelligence and surveillance capability, with a reputation for resolving complex problems. For the past 10 years, Valkyrie has delivered discreet, tailored surveillance and investigation operations on behalf of clients. Each investigation is conducted utilising our own trained personnel and 'best of breed' partners.

Due Diligence Services

  • Valkyrie conducts due diligence for clients across multiple sectors in order to help mitigate risks from new commercial relationships and inform decision-making. With growing regulatory scrutiny and more complex supply chains and networks, companies need a risk-based approach to assess their relationships with third parties. Valkyrie offers a flexible approach to due diligence services. We apply different levels of scrutiny to the subjects of our investigation according to client needs, assessed level of risk involved and the nature of the project.


Vehicle Tracking

The Valkyrie Sentinel Covert Vehicle Tracker – Battery Powered

Product Description

With its own power source built-in – the battery powered Sentinel covert vehicle tracker overcomes the issue of power drain on your assets battery, even if left unused for a long period of time, making it perfect for classic cars and infrequently used vehicles.

Valkyrie asset tracking solutions allows you to locate, monitor and optimise your vehicles and personal assets. Our advanced trackers use the latest technology, providing pinpoint accuracy whether periodically or in real time. All Valkyrie trackers are wireless – with no need to be wired into the vehicle’s electrical system – meaning they can be fitted in multiple locations within the vehicle or asset, and have an advanced power management system in order to reduce power consumption and prolong battery life.

All Valkyrie trackers are designed to be covert, with the ability and functionality for our team to easily assist in recovering your vehicle should it ever be stolen. This product is perfect for clients with collectable and high-value assets, and for those with sentimental value or that cannot be replaced. FIND OUT MORE







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