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Joint Prosthetics Co-OPeration

JPC-Op LLP,  Heather Cottage, Balmer Lawn Road, Brockenhurst, SO42 7TT

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Joint Prosthetic Co-OPeration

Leading the field in Innovative Prosthetics Services

JPC-OP is a group of professional and clinician offering a tailored service to multiple agencies in the field of prosthetic rehabilitation, prosthetic Medicolegal services, prosthetic education and training.

The organisation’s objectives are to open the provision of private prosthetics to individuals at their domicile, support the NHS by providing high input targeted service, develop a pool of experienced professionals able to operate independently across the UK as freelance clinicians and Expert Witnesses.

Working for you to find your Prosthetic Solutions

When considering socket design there is no absolute but well-established principles. The function of any prosthetic socket is to transmit external forces to the skeleton via the soft tissues. A good socket fit could be defined as a socket that offers its wearer lasting comfort, stability and control of the prosthesis when undertaking all aspect of daily living activities.

The key elements to achieving good socket fit are:

  • Stump socket interface stability
  • Accurate socket shape
  • Optimal volume

Working for you to ensure your balance and safety are optimal


The fundamental biomechanical principles governing the behaviour of a prosthesis remain the same independent of socket style. The Centre of Mass (COM) position in relation to the Centre of pressure (COP) determine the direction and level of forces interacting between the residual limb and socket wall. Poor alignment will likely cause gait deviation, instability and an increase in energy cost when mobilising. This often result in socket discomfort during ambulation.



Our expertise at your service

Why choosing JPC-OP 

JPC-OP Expert Witness services covers both prosthetics and Orthotics. Our Expert Witness are Senior professionals with established expertise in their fields of practice.

Our professionals are independent practitioner who have both NHS and private work expertise. They have worked as leader in established Rehabilitation Centre such as the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court, Sussex Rehabilitation Centre…..

We are leader in treating patients presenting with complex clinical prosthetic/orthotic needs.  Therefore, as a result of working with this particular patient group, we have gained considerable experience and exposure to more advanced fitting and technology.  We believe our professionals are some of the most experienced prosthetist and orthotist currently practicing in the UK this entitling them to give expert opinion evidence.

Our Expert Witnesses have all undertaken a variety of recognised Expert Witness training. They usually prepare 6 to 8 reports per year, accepting instructions from both claimant and defendant solicitors.

Full Prosthetic Report:

A full prosthetic report is aimed specifically at those clients who are going through a legal compensation claim.

The prosthetic report covers areas such as incident history, personal history, prosthetic rehabilitation history, physical examination, prosthetic opinion and prognosis, prosthetic recommendations with costs.

Desktop Prosthetic Report:

Desktop reports are usually prepared without examining your client such as in the case of clients with amputated digits, unless there is a need for your client to be seen in person by a clinician. Up-to-date photos and relevant medical reports are required for this service.

How to proceed

Please do not hesitate to contact us, and If our terms are acceptable, we would require a formal letter of instruction and confirmation of your acceptance of our fees.  Once this has been received, we will then proceed with making an appointment for your client.

Clinical Services

We aim to provide clinical, practical and managerial support to prosthetic centre, including specialist prosthetic services for veterans.

Our experience includes supporting the Orthotic and Prosthetic Unit (OPU) located at, St Luke’s Hospital, Malta. Clinical Lead at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and Consultant prosthetist at Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court.

We have expertise in working with private individual of all age requiring complex tailored prosthetic care and solution to answer to their specific prosthetic needs.

Our professional expertise particularly well suited to provide targeted support to complex patients as well as mentoring, teaching junior colleagues working in collaboration with or within the NHS.

Locum Services

We have experience in providing locum service to both the public and private sector nationwide and international. Contact us for more information.


JPC-OP cumulates over 50 years of prosthetic expertise in dealing with all level of amputation. We aim to share that expertise by providing practical training module tailored to your specific requirements.

Operational management

Optimising service delivery with the input of our commercially focused Director of Operations with some 20 years of experience within the health industry including 11 years working within Prosthetic and Orthotic rehabilitation. "I have a successful track record of delivering change by challenging the existing methodologies to bring about improved services for patients and made a difference to how effective and efficiently those services are delivered by increasing capacity, quality and speed of delivery"

Complex socket fitting

Our expertise and knowledge is particularly well suited to finding socket fitting solution for individual presenting  with complex residual limb. 

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