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Exchange Station, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, L2 2QP

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About Us

Bean Coffee stands as an integral part of North West’s coffee community.

Our legacy dates back to 2008, establishing us as one of Liverpool’s oldest independent coffee companies. We expanded into the bustling business district and beyond, making a mark in Greater Manchester and more recently in Edinburgh. In 2015, we took a significant step by establishing our own roastery within the historic Brunswick Dock, a location that continues to be the heart of our operations to this day. In addition to roasting and brewing in our own stores, we collaborate with customers, partners and charities, going above and beyond to surpass their expectations through our placemaking initiatives and engaging events. Closer to home, we do our best to build meaningful partnerships that support our local community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make speciality coffee accessible for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re at the start of your coffee journey or really understand your coffee flavours and brewing processes (like us) then we’re here to help you on your journey to making the perfect cup of coffee. Jon and Vip (Bean founders) are dedicated to crafting exceptional coffee thats full with flavour, regardless of your preferred brewing method. Through our extensive travels to coffee farms worldwide and our close relationships with farmers, washing stations and trusted import partners, we have embraced the responsibility of enhancing the coffee industry. 

Our Coffee

What distinguishes us is our meticulous approach to selecting and roasting specialty coffees.  

Our passion for coffee comes from our love for the way it’s made, the people who grow it and the incredible pride and care they take when nurturing every single coffee plant and preparing each and every bean. We roast a range of speciality coffee that’s available in our stores and to purchase online, including many single origins and our signature Bean Blend – a number of which have won Great Taste Awards that we’re really proud of. Starting by knowing exactly where our beans come from, who is growing them and who’s handling it between the farm and us.

Understanding this chain is the key to ensuring a sustainable future for coffee-growing communities, and the ability to continually improve the quality of coffee and quality of life for the coffee farmers and their communities. 


We won Best Coffee Roaster in the North of England in 2022 and were nominated for the Best Independent Business at the City of Liverpool Business Awards in 2022. These acknowledgements reflect our commitment to our coffee, community, and sustainability mission. We are immensely proud of the Great Taste Awards which we've won many of. Our multiple 1 and 2 Star Awards are testament to our dedication to sourcing the best beans, as well as our refinement of small-scale roasting to achieve a more nuanced flavour profile.



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