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An introduction to iPRO 

iPRO is a global healthy hydration brand with a trading history of nine years. It was founded to challenge added sugar and unhealthy ingredients in the soft drinks market. In establishing a new category of healthy hydration, iPRO has partnered with some of the country’s leading catering and food procurement companies, including Foodbuy, Bidfood, and Brakes. 

iPRO’s product ranges

Healthy hydration is a leading choice in the soft drinks market as consumers opt for alternatives without artificial sweeteners and additives. iPRO is committed to supporting wellbeing by exclusively using natural ingredients and making a conscious decision to use Stevia, a plant based non-sugar sweetener, in all of its healthy hydration drinks. 

iPRO Hydrate: The brand’s flagship range which hydrates faster than water and provides functional benefits such as improved sleep, natural energy, and immune support. It contains 100% of the daily recommended vitamin C, along with added vitamins B5, B6, B7, and B12. 

iPRO Student: The brand’s school-compliant juice range, made from real fruit juice without added sugar, artificial colours, or flavours. It comes in three delicious flavours; Berry Mix, Mango, and Sour Cherry - with each bottle counting as 1 of kids' 5 a day. 


iPRO’s mission

iPRO is more than just a drinks brand—its mission is to help people improve their wellbeing by partnering with leading fitness clubs, schools, healthcare organisations, and global food networks. Endorsement from nutritionists, performance experts, and sports figures reinforces its purpose. 

But health isn’t just about the people; it's also about the planet. iPRO Student is bottled in 100% recycled rPET packaging, which includes the cap and sleeve. The brand also took steps for iPRO Hydrate, packaged in 30% recycled rPET bottles, to comply with the EU Directive 2019/2024 by introducing a tethered sports cap that remains attached after opening. 

To build on this and fulfil its 2030 Net Zero commitment, iPRO has partnered with sustainability experts Carbon Jacked to formalise their efforts in environmental sustainability and social value. A critical part of this involves Carbon Jacked evaluating company operations, including the entire supply chain. 



Sectors iPRO serves 

In addition to on-the-go retail, iPRO is available across various foodservice distribution channels, to include the Foodbuy network following a successful tender win. 

Community & Healthcare: iPRO is partnered with leading community groups, including an exclusive 6-year partnership with parkrun as its Global Hydration Partner. This collaboration has led to the development of a new product label carrying the 'recommended by parkrun' badge. iPRO Hydrate is also NHS CQUIN compliant leading to retail partnerships in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and care home settings such as with the Royal Voluntary Service.  

Education: Following a multi-year sampling campaign across schools, colleges and universities, iPRO is a trusted name with both ranges of healthy hydration, led by healthy juice range, iPRO Student. The school-compliant stamp of approval through Public Health England and Wales, reassures parents that children are drinking the very best in soft drinks. The range is formulated explicitly for children with zero added sugar or artificial ingredients.  

Retail & Convenience: iPRO is expanding its mass retail presence through key partnerships. It partnered with the major food procurement company Foodbuy to further their Foodservice footprint and established strong partnerships with WHSmith travel stores and Central England Coop respectively. 

Vending: iPRO is an award-winning brand in the vending sector, acknowledged by The Vendies and NIVO awards. Partnering with leading vending providers, including Automatic Retailing, iPRO is making healthy hydration accessible to consumers of all ages in a wide range of sectors. iPRO drinks particularly perform well in high-traffic areas such as universities, leisure centres, hospitals and corporate offices, meeting the growing demand for healthier beverage options. 

Sport & Leisure: iPRO is trusted by sporting organisations globally, establishing partnerships with national sports clubs from grassroots to top tier professional levels. Notable partnerships include Scottish Rugby, Irish FA, GB Basketball, Crystal Palace, and AFC Bournemouth, with the brand consistently being renewed as their designated hydration provider. 

iPRO’s global expansion

iPRO is a globally-recognised hydration brand, available in Europe through WHSmith travel stores and extending its reach to the UAE with retail placements in Sharjah Coop, Carrefour Stores, and various online retailers. The brand recently introduced its iPRO Hydrate Pouch, developed in collaboration with the Government of Dubai, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority, Contact Caterers to be sold in schools. iPRO is currently preparing for its summer 2024 launch in Saudi Arabia aligning with Vision 2030 improving health and wellbeing across the Kingdom through sport, fitness, and education sectors.  

Get in touch  

iPRO is on hand to provide support at site level across all sectors. If you’d like to learn more about working with iPRO, please contact: 

Laura Walker
National Account Manager 
0207 846 4747 

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