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Eagle House, Sir Thomas, Longley Road, Rochester, Kent. ME2 4DU.

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About Us

From two family homes in 1979 on the Hoo Peninsula and Gravesend in Kent, CC Cousins as we know it now, was born, a family-run business with family values. Proudly co-owned by two brothers and the original company founders, we have continued to expand and diversify while never changing the principles of who we are, a modern forward-thinking company with old-fashioned family values.

Drawing on a wealth of experience

The tale of CC Cousins, as we recognise it today, traces back to its founding companies, with the earliest dating back to 1979. Two brothers have been steering the ship of the business since its inception. Our managing directors initially operated their own distinct enterprises. One primarily focused on electrical work under the banner of Cousins Construction Electrical Services, whilst the other adeptly managed a road surfacing business in central London.

Cousins Construction emerged through the collaborative efforts of the two brothers, amalgamating their unique skills and business ventures into a singular entity. A transformative rebranding in 2006 marked the birth of CC Cousins LTD as we know it today. Throughout these changes, the company’s core essence has remained strong. Today, CC Cousins stands as a dynamic organisation specialising in facilities maintenance, offering a comprehensive range of services spanning various sectors. These enduring core values and steadfast commitment have served as the company’s foundation, remaining constant throughout its journey of evolution, rebranding, and expansion.

Committed to quality.

Since 1979 the CC Cousins family-run business has specialised in providing a comprehensive range of facilities management solutions for customers ranging from small businesses to multi-national blue chip companies. No project is too large or budget too small.


Our range of services

Welcome to CC Cousins, your all-inclusive destination for a diverse range of property services. With a focus on unwavering excellence, efficiency, and expertise, we are fully dedicated to fulfilling your every property need.

Fabric Maintenance

This includes carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, and more, aiming to swiftly address property issues and reduce disruptions.

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Our contracts are held on various properties, including business parks, offices, care homes, and retail spaces. Our qualified landscapers offer both maintenance and guidance, while experienced supervisors provide comprehensive monthly reports that enhance aesthetics and ecology.

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Electrical and Power Services

Including routine maintenance, callouts, and installations. With expertise in hazardous areas, office buildings, universities, and healthcare facilities.

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Civil Engineering

Covering works to include fencing, pot-hole repairs, concreting, and road/car park design. We ensure timely, budget-friendly completion while never compromising safety.

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We can efficiently execute contracts and projects through all our service offerings across a multitude of sectors like commercial, industrial, retail, and public spaces, regardless of their size.

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Specialist Services

This covers anything from asbestos to pest control. Our team of dedicated professionals will take care of all service requirements throughout the life of the job or contract, including all communications, along with providing comprehensive reports upon completion.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

This simplifies day-to-day estate management by proactively preserving and overseeing your assets, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality services. With our PPM schedule in place, we seamlessly integrate your service instructions, leaving our dedicated teams to handle the rest effortlessly.

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Over the last four decades, we have amassed invaluable experience across a diverse range of sectors within our industry. This extensive background equips us with the necessary expertise to successfully complete projects, this reassures our clients we can complete works across:







Leisure and Hospitality




Office Spaces


Local Authority and Community Spaces




Fully accredited. Beyond capable.

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