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Post Protection & Safety Padding

Welcome, you've reached the best place for your high quality post protection & safety padding products!

Here, at ProPads, we have a made-to-fit collision padding service for post protection pads and your bespoke safety padding sizes.

We supply safety pads and post protectors to the education sector nationally. There's a need to cover canopy posts, concrete pillars and other potential obstacles, both indoors and outdoors.

Sports halls, centres & gyms use Propads post protection and made-to-fit safety padding for specific requirements such as railings, wall buttresses, wall padding along with rugby post protectors, landing mats, coaching blocks and floor mats

Companies of all sizes use our safety padding products to cover potential hazards identified in offices, warehouses and other work areas. This shows a companies commitment to Health and safety and we will work with you to create that safe environment. Be safe!

Propads has supplied clients from all sectors who have made work, play, educational and busy areas safer.

There's a range of colours you can choose from which can be used to create a colourful and exciting environment. These colours can be used to promote your school or business colours. You can also choose colours that blend in to your environment or suggest caution as required.

Bespoke designs

Most of our customers require specifically designed safety pads and post protection to fit posts, wall corners, floor spaces, low ceilings, wall spaces and pretty much anything that can be seen as a potential safety hazard.

As there is no such thing as a standard size we don't hold any stock as this would be impossible to do and besides you don't want a product that's lost several months of its life cycle (foam deteriorates). This is why we have a made-to-fit policy. This will also guarantee that your padding will last much longer than poorly made, ill-fitted or stock held products!

The same goes for our Propads Wall Padding!

If you have anything that needs padding then simply get in touch and let us help you out!

Floor mats and fun foam shapes

The floor padding mats offer a safer environment for sports activities & centres. They are also perfect for safe play in kids play centres and even in the home. Schools also use floor mats during PE lessons.

Our fun soft animal foam shapes and colourful foam seats use the same high impact foam as our floor mats and post protectors use. They make a fantastic addition to any toddler play area, encouraging them to explore the environment whilst feeling safe and having fun. If your foam shapes are looking tired and worn then we can help. If you need more floor mats or you're setting up a play area then get in touch with us - we have a great range for you to choose from! Have fun!

Propads Knee mats

We have designed kneeling mats which are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Standard knee mats are thin, hard and uncomfortable to use! Propads knee mats are made for comfort. If you need to kneel for long periods of time then our mats are perfect for you! 





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