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About Us

We help forward-thinking companies switch from being mitigators of workplace health risks to being prevention engineers.

The one unifying ambition that drives our work is to actively protect workers health in smarter ways through the application of leading-edge technology.

We do this by bringing together our collective understanding from electronics, software and data engineering to address workplace health and safety risks such as exposure to hand-arm vibration, dust, noise, and proximity to operating hazards. The result is an eco-system of workplace wearable technology all capable of seamlessly transmitting data to our cloud-based Reactec Analytics. Reactec Analytics collects and overlays risks data from real-time monitoring devices to provide an unprecedented 360-degree view of your risk environment, enabling you to make timely interventions, and refine controls.

Building upon our hand-arm vibration prevention expertise, Reactec developed R-Link®, a new generation of smart watch which is designed to provide a data driven insight into a range of workplace health risks including exposure to vibration and dangerous proximity to moving vehicles and active equipment, all on a single device. With advanced technology on your side to measure data and transmit from the field automatically, our aim is to bring you the kind of real-world evidence you need to make a difference to workplace health.


EXPERTISE - Striving always to be excellent at what we do. Pushing technical and scientific boundaries so we can actively protect industrial workplace health via data led decision making that engineers out risk. Our HAV work for example has involved leading academics in the field of the human response to vibration, local universities, industry experts in ergonomics, and the Institute of Occupational Medicine. (IOM)

INTEGRITY - From the quality of our products to the security of our data, we invest in getting it right. We welcome feedback, both positive and negative. If we don't get it right first time we'll devote our energies to make it right.

CARING - Both in our policies, and in our working relationships. How we interact with the community, the environment as well as our customers and suppliers. Bottom line is caring about doing a good job, looking after people is the right thing to do.

PASSION - Believing in what we do, what we deliver and how we support delivery of prevention engineering.

ONE TEAM - With our customers, channel partners and suppliers as well as ourselves.

Why Choose Reactec

The organisations we work with want to protect their workers' health over the long-term. Whether it's monitoring exposure to risks such as HAV, noise or dust or keeping workers safe through social distancing or exclusion zones.

Because guesswork comes at a cost.

Even with all the right training, it's hard to know just how closely everyone is following health and safety protocols. Individuals taking more risk than you want could be damaging their health, and unchecked exposure can lead to litigation down the line.

We believe immediate and long-term gains require a shift towards prevention rather than simply compliance. By measuring what's happening, you can tailor your controls faster, engineer out risk and actively protect your employees' health in the workplace.

An eco-system fit for workplace health.

Using our electronic, environmental and data engineering expertise we've built an eco-system of tough workplace wearables supporting a wide range of health risk sensors. By linking to cloud-based data analytics you can now reimagine risk control.


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For many years, the workplace population has been managing with generalised 'one size fits all' health and safety advice. That's changing with the arrival of IoT enabled sensor technology and a growing acceptance of wearables in our personal lives for health and fitness. Take-up of wearables at work now feels 'normal', making it easier than ever to provide workers with individual feedback on their exposure to risk, and managers with a clear view of what's happening to their at risk employees in the field.

Here in the UK, even with one of the best reputations globally for health and safety, around 140 people are killed at work each year. There are a further 12,000 work health-related deaths, and 1.7 million people suffering from work-related ill-health.

Here are some of the pervasive workplace health risks still being grappled with today, alongside the measures required to actively prevent those risks from becoming long-term health issues.

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The world of consumer electronics moves at a dizzying pace. The data insight we can glean from our running, cycling and fitness activities is richer than ever. At Reactec, we think it's time that level of excellence in wearable technology is put to good use to protect worker health.

Our vision is to bring you an eco-system of workplace wearables and analytics that take the guesswork out of workplace health and safety.

With real-time data reporting from the field, managers are connected to their at-risk teams, and are able to make better decisions. Being able to overlay multiple risk types also provides richer insight into what individual workers are being exposed to on the job.

Armed with this actionable insight across a range of health risks you'll be able to proactively engineer risk out of the workplace.

The long term impact of those decisions could change the health outcomes for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of future workers. And that is the sort of technology we are excited to be developing.

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The Reactec Ecosystem

Using our electronic, environmental and data engineering expertise we've built an ecosystem of tough workplace wearables to support a wide range of health risk sensors. By linking to cloud-based data analytics you can now reimagine risk control.

No matter what the risk, the challenge is always to move away from a reliance on short term controls of 'last resort' towards those focused on prevention.

But until now, it's not always been easy to gather accurate and timely data from multiple places to inform decisions impacting 'top-level' controls.

Our workplace wearables provide immediate feedback to those exposed to risk at work, whilst the data gathered brings you greater insight. The insight to find efficiencies and successfully determine the most feasible and effective controls.

Reactec has built an ecosystem of workplace wearables with a communications network to deliver hassle free data management and access via a single secure log-in. A 20 year legacy of managing personal workplace sensors in the harshest of environments has informed Reactec’s flexible scalable and yet reliably robust system for gathering and safely managing personal workplace health risk data. An approach which is readily expanded to incorporate other IoT enabled health risk sensors. Reactec can gather into a single Analytics a diverse range of workplace health risks connecting you in an unprecedented manner to your workers far and wide.

Reactec Analytics

Comparison Matrix



Reactec’s Analytics software is the heart of Reactec’s ecosystem to create safer work environments.



We compare how the expanded functionality developed for Reatec's third-generation smart watch, R-Link, compares with our trusted HAVWEAR wearable.



The R-Link smart watch is our new ecosystem of workplace wearables and cloud-based analytics designed to create safety work environments by design.



Personal Dust Monitoring

Noise Protection & Monitoring


RASOR is a device to help companies achieve greater regulatory compliance while enhancing the health and safety of field operatives and lone workers.



Advances in particulate monitoring technology means it's now possible to gather regular data on the volume of harmful dust your employees are exposed to.



Revolutionary SmartAlert noise protection enables you to make a highly accurate estimate of your workers' daily personal exposure to noise at work.



Noise doseBadges



Noise dosebadges enable you to make a reliable, representative estimate of your workers' daily personal exposure to workplace noise.







Reactec have over 20 years' heritage of taking workplace wearables into arduous environments and seamlessly yet robustly managing critical personal health exposure data. All data management is GDPR compliant and is stored and transferred between devices in a robust and resilient way with the very latest encryption technologies. Both internally and with external authorities, we robustly and continuously validate the resilience and reliability of what we do.



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