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Welcome to vpod - The next generation of customer communication

Face-to-face. Anytime. Anywhere. Vpod brings your customers closer as you streamline your resources. Our seamless video-conferencing software and proven hardware solutions allow you more conversations with your customers without sacrificing quality or privacy. The future is tech. But this time it’s personal.

Your next communication solution

Vpod has been a global leader in disruptive communication technology for a decade. Contact us now to see how we can help solve your connection conundrums and start maximising your customer relationships.



The Virtual assistant that’s always able to help 

Vgreet is the giant smartphone you can install anywhere you want your customers to be able to engage with you and your brand. Make Vgreet your virtual receptionist, sales assistant or concierge – and ensure that no customer query goes unanswered by connecting them face-to-face with your experts, whatever their location. It can register visitors for appointments, showcase products and provide live, up-to-the minute information. Vpod can easily tailor your Vgreet to provide the functionality you need to ensure your customers’ experience is a great one, all built with a custom on-brand interface by our creative team.

Vgreet: The smartest device in customer communication


Finally, talk to your customers the right way

Dialog is an entirely new way of customer communication. Now you can treat video exactly as you would audio. With touch-simple call routing, every customer communication can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Schedule appointments, combine multiple callers and even share information on screen and annotate, all in real-time. With Dialog, no call goes unanswered, meaning every customer can speak to the right person. This ensures that you never miss another sales opportunity – and that people's experience with you is immediate and frustration-free.

Dialog: Start the conversation


Beautiful environments from an industry expert

In this busy, bustling world, sometimes you need peace, quiet and privacy when talking about the big things in your life. Vpod has been a market leader in pods for technology use for a decade, bringing powerful tech with low energy-demanding systems, coupled with acoustically optimised pods – all geared to making the minimum environmental impact in their production and operation. With a Vpod, it's amazingly easy to turn any busy space into a versatile workplace or to help your customers talk face-to-face with your staff, and with a large range of bespoke or ready-made pods, there’s a wide choice for any budget.

Vpods: An instant business environment 



The new product that's changing  customer communication. Dialog's simple interface can host a huge range of powerful features for your business, empowering your staff to concentrate on helping your customers, wherever they are physically located.

  • No call goes unanswered and every call can be managed as easy as audio
  • Important data can be shared and animated in real time, never miss another sales opportunity
  • A seamless experience whatever platform your customer chooses
  • Powerful scheduling means you fit in with your customer's busy lifestyle
  • High quality video,  but low-bandwidth demands
  • Dialog: A real conversation starter


Vgreet's familiar smartphone-style experience means your company can showcase products and talk to your customers in a powerful and feature rich way. Your support staff can speak face-to-face with visitors or customers, from wherever it's convenient to locate them. Vgreet is revolutionising how businesses communicate with their customers in an entirely new way.

  • A 24/7 virtual concierge for your building or store
  • An immersive HD experience to showcase services and products
  • Important information is now at your customers' fingertips
  • Powerful features such as face recognition, self check in and live updates to enhance the experience
  • Sales assistant, concierge, receptionist, Vgreet is everything you need it to be
  • Vgreet: Get up close and personal with your customers


Vpod console fills the gap between pods and technology. In areas where technology integration is required but without the need for a Vpod, we have created the console which integrates all of your technology in a concealed, standalone package. Console comes in a range of finishes and can be adapted to suit specific requirements.

  • A standalone video terminal that you can drop in anywhere
  • Bespoke to your requirements
  • Immersive without the expense
  • Vconsole: keeping it all together


The Vcove is a simple and elegant solution, providing clear communications in environments where total privacy isn't essential. Despite its open format, cove still provides an element of privacy and with Vpods unique directional audio, sound pollution is kept to a minimum.

  • The video environment for contact centres
  • Controlled environments for customer engagement
  • Simple to deploy and cost effective
  • Vcove: less is more

V1 & V1 Plus

The V1 is a fully-contained pod  – the perfect solution for customers to enjoy privacy when discussing potentially sensitive matters. With its state-of-the-art audio facilities and sound-treated technology, a V1 can be installed in even the busiest and noisiest environments. Customer conversations are still crystal clear and devoid of distractions. Every unit can be branded inside, and externally, to make it a stand-out feature in any environment.

  • Total privacy in open spaces
  • Designed with technology in mind
  • Relocate whenever you need
  • The V1 & V1Plus: Instant privacy


Through its unique ability to be outside the Vlocate pod offers unrivalled choice for those who need to make better use of valuable real estate. When a lack of space and privacy risk compromising basic operational effectiveness and productivity, we provide a new space in underused external areas. Break free from the constraints of inflexible buildings where change often results in long periods of disruption and inconvenience. Our external modular construction ensures that crucial facilities can be created with speed and without disturbing the existing building or, more importantly, its occupants.

  • The pop up pod
  • Designed to withstand the elements
  • Technology outdoors
  • Vext: Thinking of the box outside









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