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Urless Farm, Corscombe, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0NP

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Hollis Mead Organic Farm

​Hollis Mead Organic Dairy is at Westcombe Farm in Hooke, West Dorset.  The ethos of the farm is to produce very high quality organic milk and food, whilst enhancing the environment for wildlife.

It is our firm belief that cheap food has a cost and sadly this is nature.

At Hollis Mead, we farm sensitively to make room for wildlife to prosper. All our farm animals, such as our dairy herd is fed on organic pasture land, free from pesticides and insecticides, allowing them to produce milk of a superior quality.

Intensive agricultural practices are strictly forbidden on the farm and all our farming activities are risk assessed for protecting the plethora of wildlife which flourishes.

Having planted over 17km of hedges in the last 20 years, bird life, insects and mammals, such as hares, are increasing rapidly. 

Owls are plentiful on the farm, which is always a good sign that there are field mice, voles and other small rodents flourishing.

Hares play in the long grass, especially left for them so they can breed without interruption.

Hedges are planted and left to grow, giving birds shelter and food throughout the winter.

Field stubble is left over the winter to provide food and shelter for the Skylarks and the miles of hedges provide an excellent nesting site for birds - Yellow Hammers and Fiches thrive on the farm.

​Kingfishers visit the ponds we have created, benefiting from the high level of pond life.

Dormice are making a significant return due to our sensitive farming practices.


Fresh Organic Pasteurised Milk Delivered Daily to a Vending Machine Near You

Delivered daily to a vending machine near you…

By buying our organic milk, not only are you supporting a local rural business, but you are also supporting organic farming, wildlife and the environment.

You can purchase our organic gently pasteurised milk at our vending machines in a glass 1 litre milk bottle or bring your own receptacle. The vending machines are re-filled daily to ensure that the milk is deliciously fresh. 

The vending machines are situated at our farm and close to you at locations across Dorset, Somerset & the South West.


Please enjoy our deliciously fresh milk…

Our beautiful herd, land, farm and wildlife are at the heart of everything we do.

​Hollis Mead is an organic farm whose ethos is to produce high quality organic milk and food whilst at the same time enhancing the environment for wildlife. We allow nature to take its own course and do not use any pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers.

​We milk only once daily allowing our girls more time to graze and relax, because pampered cows produce the best milk. All our cows are pasture fed only, allowing them to thrive and have stress-free, happy lives on our beautiful farm.

Our calves are fed with our organic milk and reared on the farm.

Our milk is gently pasteurised but not homogenised for a superior taste.



The Benefits of Organic Milk

How we farm affects the quality of the food we eat and new research from the British Journal of Nutrition has found significant nutritional differences between organic and non-organic farming.

Unlike many other farming systems, organic cows spend much of their lives outdoors where they can graze naturally on a diet of grass. Animals are raised without the routine, preventative use of antibiotics and wormers and they graze naturally on a GM-free diet.

Organic dairy cows are generally not pushed to their milk producing limits in the same way other cows can be. Hollis Mead cows are milked once a day only.  Average yields in organic milk production are around a quarter less than in intensive production.​

The difference in Omega 3 is because organic animals have to eat a more natural grass-based diet containing high levels of clover. Clover is used in organic farming to fix nitrogen so that crops and grass grow (instead of manufactured/chemical fertilisers), and this research has found that clover also increases the Omega 3 concentrations in meat and milk. Under organic standards, organic cows must eat a 60% fresh grass based diet or hay/silage (conserved grass).​

What makes organic different? 

  • Free range - By law, cows must be at pasture whenever conditions allow, over 200 days on average
  • Fewer pesticides & no artificial fertilisers used on pasture. Hollis Mead uses none whatsoever
  • Cows fed a grass-rich 100% organic diet, GM free (minimum 60% grass-based)
  • Routine antibiotic usage banned
  • No system of farming has milk with higher levels of nutrients, e.g. Omega 3 fatty acids
  • No system of farming has higher wildlife benefits

What are the Health & Nutritional Benefits of Organic Milk?

  • Organic milk contains around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products
  • Organic milk contains 40% more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)– (CLA has been linked to a range of health benefits including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and obesity)
  • Organic milk and dairy contains slightly higher concentrations of iron, Vitamin E and some carotenoids
  • Organic milk contains less iodine than non-organic milk



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