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Place Matters Ltd
Kingscote House
Turners Hill Road
East Grinstead
RH19 4JZ

Tel: +44 (0)7803 356310

Welcome to Place Matters

We are a niche consultancy specialising in place and destination brand strategy and marketing. We work globally for developers, property managers, local authorities, central government agencies and a variety of place development partnerships. We have worked on the development of new settlements, complex mixed-use developments in towns and cities, “experience retail” developments, town centre and high street regeneration, tourism and cultural developments. We are collegiate in our way of working, often involving other professionals in our projects such as architects, landscape architects, development consultants, market researchers and designers, depending on the needs of our clients

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Before commencing work on the development of a place brand strategy you need to know and understand the assets that you have available to you to build your brand upon and the opportunities that are available for new development. Using our Placematters Destination Development Audit we can assess the potential of your place, site or building location as a destination.


Experience Masterplans are plans that detail how places will implement their brand strategies to offer target audiences their promised experiences and offer of services and facilities. They set out in detail all of the actions the client needs to take to create and manage the destination they plan to become. These plans cover key actions, identification of investors and sources of investment, phasing of the action and desired outcomes and expected contribution to strategic objectives.


This is the core of our offer and driven by our Brand Compass. At its simplest a place brand strategy is what you plan to do to make your development, building, town or city a successful destination; it identifies and plans the detailed actions you will take to make a reality of your vision for your place - the story of how your offer will develop over time for the target markets you wish to attract. Building on a destination audit we use our Brand Compass to enable clients to decide on the kind of place they want to create, what their offer will be, how they will phase it and deliver it, and who they wish to attract to take up the offer. This then forms the basis for an action plan to implement the strategy as a brand offer of value propositions - a range of affordable actions and investments.


In recent years we have seen the emergence of what can be termed “branded development” – developments designed for very specific purposes and marketed to very specific occupiers or targeted groups of consumers. We help developers and their investors and property owners to truly understand what they might do with their site or building in the context of its location, local planning policies, market conditions, and consumer market trends, to define what the offer of their place will be, be it a single building or a mix of buildings and spaces, who their market will be - occupiers and the market for those occupiers’ services, and enable them to define what the experience of occupation or visitation will be like before any spatial master-planning or architectural design work is undertaken.

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Once brand strategies and experience masterplans have been completed the next challenge is to devise a strategy to market and communicate the agreed offer to target audience through clear, inspiring and memorable messaging that describe the offer and, more importantly, the experience of being there. Place marketers call this “experiential marketing”.

As part of a comprehensive brand implementation plan we can devise a detailed experiential marketing strategy to promote and communicate the planned experience of the place. Core to this process is our Marketing Masterplan.


A variety of workshops and seminars to introduce beginners to the art of branding and place management, alongside events for the professional market.



  • An Introduction to Place and Destination Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • Place and Destination Brand leadership and Partnerships.
  • Auditing your Place and Destination Assets
  • Creating a Compelling Brand Strategy
  • Creating an Experience Masterplan

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