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About Us

Identifying creative ideas, innovative technologies and ways of working to improve strategy and operations is the foundation of Designing Organisations’ approach.

Dr Claire Tomlins founded the company in 2012 to address organisational change resulting from emerging technologies and related environmental, social and government factors. After an MBA (Strategic Management) and management consultancy projects she embarked on businesses academic research. Thereafter helping companies to pursue design thinking as part of their strategic approaches, as technology advances and changes their organization and ways of working.


Seminars and workshops are conducted to create strategies that enhance decision making, performance and agility. This work can then be progressed by studies, questionnaires and interview surveys for setting policy. Key subject areas are:

Emerging Business Environment and Technology
Corporations of the future and their operation. Visionary strategic thinking to create purposeful organisations for the next twenty years. Creatively applying emerging technologies and ways of working to benefit an organisation’s core and external collaborations. This work has increasing emphasis on Climate Change and green innovation technologies.

Organisational Design
Integrating design thinking with strategic approaches, for example a workshop titled Recognising Corporate Design outlines the relevance of:

  • Setting strategy - integrating design strategy with corporate strategy;
  • Design Management;
  • Creating Symbolic Positioning by visual and other identity systems; organisational behaviour and culture; and
  • Digital Branding Strategy- websites and social media.

All of this relates to organisational communication, marketing and brand management and e-business.

Organisational and personal skillset re-evaluation and learning anew
Rethinking individual / organisational contributions to the whole. A versatile approach to identify and record skills and experience that could progress organisational objectives. Whilst encouraging staff to re-evaluate their individual skillsets and achievements that could contribute to a purposeful organisation.

Relevant Solutions and Frameworks developed for a) Emerging internal operational and external collaborative working; and b) Integrating design thinking into corporate strategy to create and develop a business.

Public Sector:

  • Central government department - Website Strategy Scoping Study; and Departmental Procurement business processes;

Success Story: Following on from private and public sector Knowledge Management roles Dr. Claire Tomlins, conducted research on UK Website Design at the Identity: image Interface - Constrains and Enablers, which included an interview with Michael Wolff who along with Wally Olins formulated corporate identity and branding and created Wolff Olins consultancy. Claire was awarded PhD (CSM, 2010) and thereafter authored What’s Your Business: Corporate Design Strategy, Concepts and Processes (Routledge, 2014, 2019) A Gower Book.

One of Dr. Tomlins of current writing projects is applying creativity in the formation of purposeful corporations using The British Academy’s Future of the Corporation new definition of the purpose of business – “to profitably solve the problems of people and planet, and not profit from creating problems”.

Related Private Sector projects:

  • IT Transformation Consultancy - Knowledge Management strategy capability and toolkit collated from internal trans-national expertise.
  • Contributed to founding of IoD Advance and CONNECT, previously COBCOE Connects - a Chamber of Commerce business network.
  • Energy sector draft strategy reports and management accounting;
  • Banking - Balanced Scorecard and Performance evaluation KPIs; and IT services commercial paper for Strategic Business Case.

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