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Barlow House, 4 Minshull Street, Manchester, M1 3DZ

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Digital technology to visualise and manage your data archive

DataNovata will quickly generate a web-enabled application so you can view and manage your database as an archive in a standard desktop or mobile device browser.

DataNovata is a proven solution for renovating data access from systems of record to a secure, modern, customisable digital data application, reducing operating cost and improving workflows using an Invest-to-Save financial model.

DataNovata applications are easy to configure and maintain. The original database schema is preserved so that, once the DataNovata application is up and running, you can retire the original.

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Q: How does DataNovata address these industry challenges?

  • Constrain Public Sector spending - Demands are rising dramatically as populations age, placing more pressure on healthcare and retirement services
  • Faster service delivery - Digital era trends place increasing expectations on faster service delivery as new consumers embrace mobile and agile technologies, disrupting stable bureaucracies
  • Plan for mobility - populations and industry structures have greater mobility adding complexity and uncertainty to municipal planning.
  • Stay on top of the data explosion - The economics of knowledge are being transformed by the explosion of data and the ability to interpret it.

A: Through Fast, cost-effective Data Modernisation

DataNovata helps Government and Public Sector accelerate to the pace of digital change:

  • The customisable application generator helps to reduce the number of steps needed to access any historical data records throughout your agency or department.
  • The data consolidation feature lets you import databases that share a common reference into one data repository for seamless cross-departmental access.
  • The application sits under a common license to eliminate application sprawl.
  • The data is hosted on the digital platform of your choice, in the cloud, or your data centre so you have complete control over access and data compliance.


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