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About Melissa

Unlock the power of clean, current and consistent data. Melissa is here to help you solve even the most complex data challenges.

Why Melissa

Customer data is the lifeblood of your organisation. But it goes bad (up to 25% per year). Much of it is incorrect, outdated, or unstructured and fragmented across multiple systems - preventing operational efficiency, successful marketing and sales efforts, and a rewarding customer experience.

For more than 30 years, Melissa has been a leading provider of global identity verification and data quality solutions. Using cutting-edge technology and multi-sourced global reference data, we provide the solutions to support your Know Your Customer (KYC) initiatives, prevent fraud, reduce costs and improve fulfillment - at every point of the data chain. See why more than 10,000 clients worldwide have chosen Melissa to grow their business.

Our Brands

Melissa Global Intelligence

Global data quality and enhancement solutions to profile, verify, clean, update, match, and integrate People data.

Melissa Direct

Your one source for direct marketing success with a full complement of sales leads, mailing lists, data appends, data hygiene and mailing software and support for email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Melissa Developer

A development sandbox providing access to data quality and data enhancement APIs - easy to use, scalable, and flexible pricing options.

Melissa Lookups

Melissa Lookups

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Setting the Standard for Customer Engagement, Operational Efficiency and ROI

Multi-Platform On-Prem APIs

Multiplatform on-premise APIs that perform a multitude of data verification, data parsing and data enrichment for the following platforms: Windows®; Oracle®; Linux®; IBM®; HP®, and more.


Platform as a Service

Data governance platform for advanced architecture and user-based data validation so that an organisation can handle everything on premise and can control access to sensitive data.

Unison Customer Data Management

Web Service/Cloud APIs

Melissa Web APIs combine support for REST, SOAP and XML with powerful data verification and enrichment capabilities enabling you to create high performing apps and smarter visualizations of your data.

North America

UK & Global

Identity (KYC & AML) 

Reduce Risk, Ensure Compliance & Keep Customers Happy

Data Append & Enrichment

Multi-Platform Data Enrichment & Append tools

Database Cleanse & List Hygiene                    

Data Cleansing Services to Optimise data for omni-channel success

CRM & ERP Solutions

Data Cleansing Tools and Plugs for leading CRM & ERP Applications

Other Services


Verify Addresses

Email Verification

Phone Verification


Validate, standardise & correct global addresses in real time. Validate, standardise & correct global email addresses in real time. Verify global landline & mobile phone numbers for liveness & ownership.
Pinpoint UK & international addresses to precise coordinates & gain extensive location intelligence.

ID & Document Verification

Data Match, Merge & Deduplication

Database Cleanse & Maintenance

Data Audit

Implement seamless ID & Document verification for safe onboarding & fraud prevention. Match, Merge & deduplicate records to enable a single customer view. Keep your database clean, up-to-date, and complete for omni-channel success. Understand the current health of your customer & prospect data.



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