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OPTION 1 - Enable all channels for all items (no filtering)
Check this box if you wish to receive all announcements from all the organisations listed below.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! – Please note that selecting to ‘Receive All’ combined with ‘Weekly’ delivery (See Step 2 – Alert options) will generate a single email alert each Friday at 5pm containing over 300 announcements from all 160+ WiredGov stakeholders which may lead to both non-delivery (due to your organisation’s email message size limits) or partial/incomplete receipt of service. If, having read this notice, you still wish to ‘Receive All’, we would strongly recommend either daily or hourly delivery options.

OPTION 2 - Select departments for all items
Use this option to select the organisations that you wish to receive all announcements from. Simply check the box next to each of your selections.

OPTION 3 - Key word and exact phrase selections
For all those organisations that you have not selected in above Option 2, you may wish to receive announcements that contain specific key words or exact phrases. Simply submit your criteria in the boxes provided below: Match for Keyword 1: Match for Keyword 2: Match for Keyword 3: Match for Keyword 4: Match for Keyword 5:

OPTION 4 - Automatically add all new organisations
Check this option if you wish all new organisations to be automatically added to your profile as they go live on Wired-GOV

Alert options
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Just a reminder that if you have now opted to ‘Receive All’ selecting the ‘Weekly’ delivery option will generate a single email alert each Friday at 5pm containing over 300 announcements from all 160+ WiredGov stakeholders
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This is a great service which saves me lots of time by capturing relevant and interesting content in an easy to digest format. I would highly recommend.
David Dean, Communications Specialist, Socitm
WiredGov enables me to find out the news I require to know in a timely and convenient manner.  It facilitates me to scan the relevant news based on my preferences.  The weekly e-mail is one of the first I read on a Monday morning and allows me to be fully aware of all relevant news, helping me carry out my job more efficiently.  I highly recommend it!
Lamine Lachhab, Business Support and Improvement Office and Stakeholder Engagement, National Records of Scotland
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