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A “highly valued” and “strategic partner” - GAD client feedback

Clients award GAD 4.7 stars out of 5 for being highly valued. The findings are from our latest client feedback exercise which surveyed our clients about GAD.

The latest client feedback exercise conducted by the Government Actuary’s Department (GAD) reveals 98% of respondents rated us 4 or more stars for value for money.

We conducted the client feedback survey throughout the financial year ending March 2024. A total of 257 questionnaires resulted in 99 responses, indicating a response rate of 39%.

The survey encompassed inquiries regarding the overall perception of GAD’s work, the fulfilment of objectives, and the assessment of value for money.

In addition to the survey, we commissioned a separate yet complementary research project. This yielded qualitative feedback that reaffirmed the exceptional quality of GAD’s work, accompanied by positive responses.

Valuable insights

The client feedback report offers valuable insights into client perspectives on GAD’s performance across various areas of expertise such as:

  • established realms like public service pensions and contingent liabilities
  • developing sectors such as data analytics and investment insights
  • emerging domains like climate risk management and pensions administration support

Efforts to keep clients informed about projects and accomplishments are pursued through diverse communication channels, alongside informational sessions and briefings. GAD’s holistic approach involves secondments, onsite collaborations, and an in-house team dedicated to crafting innovative solutions.

Credit: Jason Goodman, Unsplash

Client satisfaction

The client survey feedback indicates commendable performance ratings across key metrics, with over 90% of respondents indicating high satisfaction with:

  • timely delivery
  • adherence to budget
  • scope compliance
  • clear communication
  • collaboration
  • overall value for money

Qualitative research echoed this sentiment portraying GAD as a strategic partner and in both feedback exercises we gathered suggestions for improvement.

Reflecting on the survey results, Ian Rogers, Head of Business Development, said:

“The feedback expresses a very high regard for GAD’s services and the acknowledgment of value for money.

“The survey outcomes underscore the effectiveness of GAD’s approach in delivering high-quality, cost-effective advice that benefits clients.”


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