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Apply for free used microfilm

Due to increasing online access in the reading rooms at Kew, we are disposing of the following batches of redundant microfilms:

List of surplus microfilm for disposal by public lottery (PDF, 0.04Mb)

Requests for microfilms

This offer opens on Monday 9 June 2014 at 10:00 (British summer time) and closes on Sunday 27 June at 17:00 (British summer time). We will not accept requests before or after these dates.  

We will allocate the films by lottery, carrying out a draw using numbered balls, with a separate draw for each batch. We will only accept requests for whole batches.

The films are offered on an 'as seen' basis with no warranty or guarantee offered as to their quality or completeness. They may not be used for digitisation, publication or any commercial re-use. Any copyright restrictions on the films or their content will remain.

The films are free, but successful applicants must arrange removal and meet all costs of removing the films from The National Archives, Kew. The successful applicants must remove the films, by appointment, on a Monday before the end of July 2014.

How to apply

For further information, or to make a request for one or more batches of film, please email Your Views with 'Film disposal' in the subject line. You can also make an application by online form or by writing to:

Carole MacCormack, Public Services Development, The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, TW9 4DU

Channel website:

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