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Argentines voted to dismantle Peronist patronage. Whether Milei can do that is uncertain


Milei provides a voice for those disgusted with Argentine politics, but his plans are vague and his political power uncertain.

Argentina has taken a step into uncharted territory. In Sunday’s election, nearly 56 per cent of voters chose outsider candidate Javier Milei over Sergio Massa of the incumbent Peronist government. In doing so, a majority voted to overturn Argentina’s political class and historic economic model.

Milei rose to political prominence promising to throw out the ‘political caste’ that had overseen an economy that by 2023 was suffering 140 per cent inflation, an international debt default and an expected 2.3 per cent contraction of GDP this year alone. 

What isn’t clear is how much Argentine voters were paying attention to the practicalities of economic proposals and their likely impact.

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