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Arts Council England announces new Music Hub Lead Organisations

On behalf of the Department for Education, Arts Council England yesterday announced a new generation of Music Hubs, covering every part of England. 

The new Music Hubs form an ambitious national programme providing high-quality music education for all children and young people through investment in musical activities, equipment and teacher training.  

Building on the extensive work existing Music Education Hubs have undertaken since 2011, the new Hubs will be led by 43 Hub Lead Organisations from September 2024.  

View a map of new Music Hubs >   

Download the list of new Hub Lead Organisations > 

New Hub Lead Organisations will receive over £101 million from the Department for Education. This includes £76 million in regular funding for the Music Hubs programme and £25 million to invest in musical instruments, equipment and technology, including resources specifically designed for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.  

Download a spreadsheet of the new Music Hub areas and funding allocations >

Young boy playing the saxophone on stage.

Photo by Jazz Hang sax © Keith Sykes

The Hub Lead Organisations will work in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, cultural organisations, local authorities and other educational, creative and community organisations to deliver a broad range of musical activities which are inclusive to pupils from all backgrounds, as well as access to teachers working with a wider variety of instruments, supported by a more connected music education workforce. Hubs also have plans to work with world class organisations including Glyndebourne Festival Opera, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra and BBC Proms to give children and young people more opportunities to benefit from connections with England’s thriving music industry.  

The new Music Hubs will help to deliver the Government’s National Plan for Music Education. This plan aims to give all children and young people the opportunity to develop their musical talents fully, by ensuring that children and young people across the country have the chance to learn to sing, play instruments, and make music with their peers. The new Hubs will also help to deliver the Arts Council’s 2020-30 year strategy, Let’s Create, which aims to improve access to creativity and culture for all children, no matter what their background or where they live.  

Darren Henley, Chief Executive at Arts Council England, yesterday said:

“Music education is enormously powerful – it can enrich young people’s lives, help them connect with the people around them, and start them on the pathway to fruitful and fulfilling careers.  We are excited to announce this investment in a new generation of Music Hubs, which will support the brilliant work of our dedicated music teachers across the country, and help bring high-quality music education to even more children and young people in every part of England.”  

School Standards Minister, Damian Hinds, yesterday said:

“Studying and engaging with music isn’t a privilege, it’s a vital part of a broad and ambitious curriculum – and all children and young people should have access to an excellent music education and all the knowledge and joy it brings.  

“Music Hubs play a crucial role in delivering high quality music education in England, and our newly announced Hub Lead Organisations will ensure every child across the country has the chance to develop a love for music, whether it’s through singing, learning to play an instrument or creating their own music.”  

Minister for Arts, Heritage & Libraries, Lord Parkinson of Whitley Bay, yesterday said:

“This investment helps to deliver the Government’s plan for music education — including £25 million for musical instruments so that more children, whatever their background, can enjoy the life-changing benefits of music.  

“Whether it’s encouraging young people to pursue a career in our growing creative industries, or simply introducing new generations to the pleasure of music-making, this funding will help to unlock opportunities and nurture talent across the country — and demonstrate, as our national plan does, the power of music to change lives.”  

Bridget Whyte, Chief Executive at Music Mark yesterday said:

“The UK Association for Music Education – Music Mark is looking forward to supporting the new Hub Lead Organisations and the many partners they will work with to support children and young people’s music education across the country.  Building on the many successful and exciting programmes of activity delivered by the Music Education Hub Partnerships between 2012 and 2024, this new network will continue to engage our talented and diverse music education workforce to support schools as well as providing opportunities in local communities which will enable students to develop their musical skills.  Within these programmes of activity, will be our next generation of music industry employees, but we also know that all participating students will gain skills which will enrich and sustain a life-long connection to music.”  

Arts Council England is the national development agency for creativity and culture. We invest public money from the Government and the National Lottery, and provide a range of development programmes to support the arts and cultural sector.    

The Department for Education is responsible for children’s services and education, including early years, schools, higher and further education policy, apprenticeships and wider skills in England. The Department works to provide children’s services, education and skills training that ensures opportunity is equal for all, no matter background, family circumstances, or need. 

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