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Ask. Tell. Save a life.

Yesterday marked the start of Suicide Prevention Week 2019 (9-15 September) and we are pleased to support it. We believe that working together helps prevent suicide and this is a week in which all organisations can highlight what they are doing to make that happen.

In 2018 there were 784 deaths by suicide in Scotland, and each death can impact up to 135 people. Suicide affects us all, therefore suicide prevention is everyone’s business.

Gerry McLaughlin, NHS Health Scotland Chief Executive, yesterday said:

“The theme of this year’s Suicide Prevention Week, working together to help prevent suicide, is a reminder that we can all save a life by talking openly and asking someone if they are thinking about suicide if we are worried about them.

“Scotland’s Suicide Prevention Action Plan aims to reduce suicide by 20% by 2022.  One of the actions focussed on achieving this is the commitment for all NHS staff to receive mandatory mental health and suicide prevention training.

“And so, together with our colleagues in NHS Education for Scotland (NES), we have developed 3 short animations designed to help the whole NHS workforce support mental health and prevent suicide.

“We know that people thinking about suicide do not want to die - they want to end the pain they are in. Talking openly and compassionately about suicide therefore reduces the risk of death.  We are committed to playing our part in reducing the tragic and preventable deaths by suicide in Scotland.”

Go to our suicide prevention animations


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