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Bringing our community together, our new member logos

In our new strategy, Shaping the Future Together, we explain that our members are ‘the beating heart of all we do’. Our strength as an organisation lies in our members: their skills, experience, resources and passion. It is a sentiment that runs through our strategy for 2021-2024 and is in our DNA and our Values. 

It is our members’ tireless work to support, enable and empower people experiencing or at risk of homelessness that enable us to believe we can ultimately achieve our vision of a country free from homelessness, where everyone has a place to call home. The last year or so of the pandemic, has  underlined the reality that community and that a sense of being part of a community, is incredibly important. 

To develop, inspire, support and sustain this movement for change, we have listened to our members and responded to their desire to more easily identify themselves as Homeless Link members, and to be proud of their part in our community and be counted as a Homeless Link member. 

With this clearly in sight, we have created three new logos to help members more easily identify that they are part of Homeless Link: 

  • A membership logo 
  • A ‘Funded By’ logo for Homeless Link grantees 
  • An awards logo for our Excellence Awards winners 

The logo is designed to be used across member materials, from websites, email signatures, and reports, to in-house services, on your posters, flyers and even on your signs.  

Collaboration is one of our core values and we adopt a ‘partnerships by default’ approach to our work, meaning that we actively seek out partners and work collaboratively wherever possible. So, where we work in partnership on projects and funds, these logos are designed to sit alongside our partner’s logos to show this collaboration. 

We are not a monitory or a regulatory body, but we believe it is important to introduce a logo our members can use across their work so everyone you encounter knows that they are part of a movement to end homelessness for good and create positive futures for everyone. 

As our movement for change continues to grow, and more organisations become Homeless Link members, we want individual staff and volunteers to use Homeless Link as a resource, as a go-to for information and guidance, and someone to take their views and campaign on the issues that matter to them and our sector. These logos will work as a reminder of the path forward, one we forge together. 

We have sent out emails to all members and grantees with the new logos, so if you or your communications team hasn’t received them yet, please get in touch.   

And if you want the opportunity to have our new awards logo sitting beside your member logo, don’t forget to apply to the 2021 Excellence Awards. 

Channel website: http://www.homelesslink.org.uk

Original article link: https://www.homeless.org.uk/connect/blogs/2021/jul/09/bringing-our-community-together-our-new-member-logos

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