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CCS launches new Supply of Energy 2 agreement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is pleased to announce the award of our new and improved energy agreement – Supply of Energy 2. This agreement will become the biggest energy contract ever awarded in the public sector, and is expected to supply up to £51 billion of electricity and gas – saving central government and wider public sector organisations over £2 billion.

The new agreement will eventually replace CCS’ existing Supply of Energy and Ancillary Services (RM6011) agreement, and is designed to help organisations overcome many of the challenges presented by today’s complex energy market. 

Energy pricing options tailored to suit risk appetite and business needs 

The new agreement gives customers more control over rising costs, protecting them from pricing volatility. In addition, customers can benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the energy market.

John Malone, Deputy Director for Energy at Crown Commercial Service, explains:

Our Supply of Energy 2 agreement is the culmination of extensive market engagement between CCS, our customers, and UK energy suppliers. By addressing key pain points such as market volatility, contract complexity, cyber vulnerability and the various challenges associated with national net zero ambitions, we are well positioned to meet the evolving needs of our customers, now and in the future.

Users of the new agreement will benefit from:

  • buying through expert in-house energy traders with years of experience
  • procurement process and contract drafting supported by specialist legal advice
  • a suite of customer baskets to suit risk appetite and business needs
  • provides all site works and metering services
  • named account managers and a dedicated customer service team
  • enhanced protection from cyber security threats through Cyber Essentials Plus
  • highly competitive management and administration fees
  • full compliance with all of the latest procurement policy requirements

Supporting net zero goals

The new Supply of Energy 2 agreement aims to support customers throughout their decarbonisation journey. Our agreement gives customers access to vital resources, including energy saving advice, access to carbon offsetting credits and allowances, support with carbon reporting, plus a range of other decarbonisation services.

The new agreement also integrates Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which allow customers to purchase a proportion of their electricity requirements directly from a renewable electricity generator, such as a wind turbine or solar farm. 

This agreement supports net zero ambitions by providing:

  • enhanced provisions for sleeving PPAs
  • clean zero carbon energy
  • energy saving advice
  • access educational energy webinars, bulletins and events 
  • carbon offsetting credits and allowances
  • data and portfolio management
  • support with carbon reporting
  • a range of other decarbonisation services

John adds:

Contracts that support PPAs can be notoriously complex. Our new energy supply agreement simplifies the process with a number of provisions that allow customers to integrate their PPAs directly into their supply contracts.

Let us add power to your energy procurement

To learn more about the new agreement, please visit our webpage.

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