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CNC officers return to their Mission

All CNC officers are now back to their home sites now that Operation Temperer has concluded

All Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) officers are now back to their home sites after Operation Temperer concluded and are fulfilling their Mission of protecting civil nuclear sites and nuclear material while in transit.

CNC Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) were deployed from every one of the 10 nuclear sites we protect, as well as from our training division. They were sent to eight different force areas and carried out a wide range of roles, including patrolling transport hubs like airports and train stations; joining Home Office AFO colleagues on patrol in Armed Response Vehicles; and protecting public events ranging from concerts to sports matches. While they were away supporting the national Op Temperer deployment, a large number of our AFOs remained protecting nuclear sites, with the support of the UK Armed Forces.

Chief Constable Mike Griffiths said: “Our officers were deployed to eight different force areas and couldn’t have received a warmer welcome from their Home Office counterparts.

“As a national Counter Terrorism police force, our officers are highly skilled and patrol within 5km of their nuclear sites on a daily basis, however they really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with members of the public in situations they wouldn’t ordinarily experience – such as patrolling in busy city centres, protecting iconic sites and providing a visible armed presence at concerts and sporting events, including the Liverpool and Manchester marathons at the weekend.

“As well as supporting the national operation, we carried on with business as usual at our sites, ensuring nuclear facilities and materials were as secure as they always are with the support of military personnel.

“I have nothing but admiration for all of the officers and members of the UK police forces who came together to protect the public in the wake of the horrific attack in Manchester last week and our thoughts remain with those who have lost loved ones or sustained injuries in the attack. As a force, we were proud to support the national policing effort and have been humbled by the messages of support we received from the public and our policing partners thanks to the role we played.”

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