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CTSI supports call for strengthened allergen rules

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has lent its support to calls for a stronger, more robust system to record incidences of anaphylaxis and to prevent the mislabelling of food containing allergens in the wake of the tragic death of Celia Marsh.

Celia died in 2017 as a result of anaphylactic shock after eating a supposedly vegan Pret-a-Manger sandwich which in fact contained milk protein.

CTSI has examined Coroner Maria Voisin’s report into Celia’s death, which recommends the creation of a system to record cases of anaphylaxis. Such a system could involve mandatory reporting of anaphylaxis presenting to hospitals, analogous to the current system used for notifiable diseases.

The report was sent to several organisations, including CTSI and the Food Standards Agency.

David Pickering, CTSI Lead Officer for Food Standards, said: “Trading Standards officers are at the frontline of enabling consumers to be protected by ensuring that the current allergen rules are followed by businesses supplying food

“CTSI fully support the suggested actions raised by the Coroner in the report relating to food information and we are aware that the Food Standards Agency are reviewing the provision of allergen information and we will continue to support that work. 

“CTSI also support the suggestion to establish a robust system of capturing and recording cases of anaphylaxis, and specifically, fatal and near-fatal anaphylaxis, to provide an early warning of the risk posed to allergic individual by products with undeclared allergen content.

“Trading Standards services, due to resources being significantly reduced over the past 12 years, use information and intelligence to enable them to best use their diminished resources. Such a system would provide invaluable data to enable us to be better informed and targeted in this area, which is of significant importance for consumers and businesses. It would also be even more useful if the system could be used to report other allergen cases as well.”


A range of resources to promote allergen awareness, created by the Greater Gwent Food Group with the support of CTSI, is available here: 

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