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Consultation starts on a permit application in Ford, West Sussex

Ford Energy from Waste Ltd has applied for an environmental permit for an energy recovery facility at Ford Circular Technology Park, Ford in West Sussex.

The Environment Agency is holding a public consultation on an application for an environmental permit for an energy recovery facility that would be capable of treating up to 275,000 tonnes of non-recyclable non-hazardous waste each year from homes and businesses across West Sussex and its neighbouring counties.

The Environment Agency is now seeking comments on the company’s application from the local community and interested groups. Information received about relevant environmental considerations during the consultation will be used to help determine the application as part of a detailed and rigorous assessment of the proposed operation.

A permit will only be granted if the operator demonstrates that it meets all legal requirements of the Environment Permitting Regulations and that the facility will be operated in a way that provides a high level of protection of the environment and human health.

Michael Turner, Area Environment Manager at the Environment Agency, said:

When we make a permit decision, we use information on the potential environmental and human health impacts of the activity. Our officers have the specialist knowledge and skills that are required to assess this application.

Public consultation lets people and organisations take part in our decision making. As this consultation is for an environmental permit we are looking specifically for environmental or health considerations. You can comment on issues that could affect you or where you have particular knowledge. We take all relevant comments into account so we can make better decisions.

Should we grant a permit, our expert officers will regularly audit the operation, including analysing monitoring data. We have the right to conduct unannounced inspections.

The consultation runs from 12 May until 23 June 2021. Application documents are available to view. Comments can be made online or they can be emailed to us at pscpublicresponse@environment-agency.gov.uk.

Channel website: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/environment-agency

Original article link: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/consultation-starts-on-a-permit-application-in-ford-west-sussex

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