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Cyber Co-operation with Germany Strengthens

Lieutenant General Tom Copinger-Symes, Deputy Commander Strategic Command, has visited the German Cyber and Information Domain Service (CIDS) as part of a co-operation programme between the two organisations.

An updated bilateral arrangement, signed in an official ceremony during the visit, brings benefits to both countries. These are implemented through work strands set up to further hone cyber skills and capabilities, share information and experience, and draw on the relative strengths within each organisation.

As part of the visit, discussions were held on the CIDS approach to Cyber Operations and Cyber Career Management, and the establishment of an eighth ‘Cyber Componency’ work strand.

This new strand focuses on pooling cyber lessons from exercises and operational activity to improve how the UK and Germany operate in the Cyber Domain.

Speaking on the partnership, Lt Gen Copinger-Symes said;

With conflict on our doorstep, close cooperation with like-minded partners has never been more important. That’s why our partnership with CIDS is so exciting.

It brings significant opportunities to learn from each other, pool resources and work together to strengthen the whole of NATO in this developing area of business.

This sentiment was echoed by Vice Admiral Dr Thomas Daum, Commander and Chief of CIDS, who said;

Our bilateral work in the cyber domain will help to ensure the safety of both countries, and our allies, in cyberspace.

By sharing our skills and experience we can develop a greater understanding of how we can best integrate cyber into our defence operations to offer the competitive edge required.

The visit follows on from a productive workshop hosted in Northwood earlier this year led by Major General James Roddis, Director Strategy Strategic Command, and Brigadier General Peter Richert, Head CIDS Operations.

Plans are in place to hold a second workshop later in the year, to complement the regular meetings at work strand level to ensure progress continues.

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