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Democratising data and analytics for the public sector

Use of data and analytics is fast accelerating. There is repeated recognition of the huge potential this offers the UK public sector to increase efficiencies and enhance citizen services.

Embracing this potential requires fresh thinking, data democratisation and the right tools for the job. 

What is data democratisation?

Data democratisation is the process of making digital information accessible to both technical and non-technical users across an organisation. 

A key efficiency made possible from data and analytics is faster, more accurate and more relevant decisions in what can be very complex contexts. So it’s no surprise to see data being placed at the core of organisations with an emphasis on its democratisation to capitalise on that. 

How CCS can help

Our new Big Data and Analytics (RM6195) agreement supports the public sector in placing data in the driving seat. It will also help reduce the UK data literacy gap, which has occurred as a result of a dramatic rise in demand for data skills as organisations strive to embrace new technology and move towards data-rich environments. Read our blog by category experts to find out how we’re supporting the public sector to improve data use, drive efficiency and improve services.

The agreement’s launch is timely, firmly supporting the government’s need for efficiency and value for money. It also supports the direction set within the National Data Strategy to transform public services through better use of data.

This ‘first of its kind’ agreement offers customers a central route to market for all their data and analytics requirements. By offering a range of buying options and pricing mechanisms, buyers can make choices to suit their organisation’s specific needs. This means you and your procurement colleagues can reduce the time taken to run each procurement, ensuring value for money for the commercial outcome, as well as the procurement process itself.

Supporting growth of data and analytics capabilities and functions 

The agreement’s terms – coupled with a specialist supplier ecosystem – enables improved knowledge transfer between incumbent suppliers and buyers by setting these expectations up front. This combination is intended to support growth of data and analytics capabilities and functions across the UK public sector. By way of an example, a local council could access professional services through a blended team that allows consultants to work with and upskill internal staff. If required within the procurement’s specification, the supplier providing the requirement will also be responsible for ensuring a full briefing and handover of the changes made to the appropriate employee within the authority. By upskilling existing staff, the organisation is increasing its in-house data capabilities.

Want to find out more? Our data and analytics category experts are here to help

We’re here to help you select the most suitable products and services for your individual needs. 


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