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We're proud to be working with FutureDotNow on their exciting new initiative DevicesDotNow. The new initiative will target the 1.7 million households who don’t have access to the internet and are digitally excluded as we face a socially distanced world gripped by COVID-19. 

Supported by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the DevicesDotNow campaign is asking businesses to donate tablets, smartphones and laptops, as well as connectivity in the form of sims, dongles and mobile hotspots. These are urgently needed to get the most vulnerable people in the UK online. Frontline organisations that form the Online Centres Network are in desperate need of digital devices to be able to mobilise into the community. 

With help of businesses, we can empower the Online Centres Network so they can support households facing self-isolation – alleviating the strain on the NHS, while ensuring that vulnerable people aren’t cut off from their loved ones and the outside world. 

Businesses can support DevicesDotNow by:

  • Donating devices.  Tablets or smartphones would be the first choice, but laptops are also required.
  • Donating sim cards, portable hotspots, dongles or other connectivity.
  • Making a financial donation. £10,000 would fund the purchase of tablets and smartphones for around 100 vulnerable individuals and families.
  • Spreading the word. Share the DevicesDotNow mission with at least five business leaders in your network in a position to help.


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