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ESPO's Consultancy Services framework (664) has been extended

Due to its success, our Consultancy Services (664) framework has now been extended to 31 August 2025. It provides an efficient solution if you’re looking for trustworthy, expert advice on everything from food and catering, to public health and social care, to treasury management.

With an extensive list of service providers covering a wide range of categories, the framework has been organised into Lots as shown below. Each Lot is essentially a select list of service providers for that category, all with a proven track record of delivering consultancy services from whom customers may set up supply arrangements quickly and simply.

The framework offers additional flexibility under Lot 10 – Strategic Projects (accessible via further competition only), for customers seeking advice and support across a broad range of disciplines in relation to high value and/or complex, strategic projects. It is anticipated that such projects will require a combination of the consultancy services outlined under Lots 1-9 (accessible via direct award or further competition), although the scope of the requirement is not limited to these services.

Lot 1 - Business Services

Lot 2a - Audit Consultancy

Lot 2b - Internal Audit Services

Lot 2c - External Audit Services

Lot 2d - General Finance

Lot 2e - Procurement

Lot 2f - Revenue and Benefits

Lot 2g - Tax

Lot 2h - Treasury Management

Lot 3 - Food and Catering

Lot 4a - Public Health

Lot 4b - Social Care (Adults)

Lot 4c - Social Care (Children)

Lot 5 - Highways, Traffic and Transport

Lot 6a - Operational IT

Lot 6b - Strategic IT

Lot 7 - Leisure, Culture and Tourism

Lot 8a - Asset Management and Delivery

Lot 8b - Environmental and Sustainability

Lot 8c - Facilities Management

Lot 8d - Health and Safety

Lot 8e - Housing and Housing Support

Lot 8f - Planning, Valuation and Infrastructure

Lot 8g - Regeneration and Regional Development

Lot 8h - Waste and Recycling

Lot 9a - Community Research and Engagement

Lot 9b - Marketing, Communications and PR

Lot 10 - Strategic Projects


  • Includes 10 Lots, with multiple sub-Lots, to provide a variety of consultancy services on areas such as health and safety, IT, finance services and general business services.
  • Includes a specific Lot for strategic projects, so if you require advice across multiple areas or have a particularly complex requirement, the framework can be tailored to you.
  • Our suppliers have been assessed on track record and experience, so you can be sure that you’re getting legitimate, trustworthy advice.
  • This framework has over 100 suppliers, ranging from large specialist consultancy companies to smaller, more boutique organisations.
  • Pricing has been structured based on consultant seniority level, ensuring that customers have access to the best resource for the best value for money.
  • Social value is included on this framework and may be included as part of the award criteria.


Fully compliant

All frameworks are compliant with UK procurement regulations, making the process stress-free and efficient, ensuring you have peace of mind.

Trusted suppliers

Customer satisfaction, finances, social values and much more are checked prior to awarding service providers a position on our frameworks.

Get in touch

If you would like further information on this framework, please contact Iain McFaul by quoting Framework 664_21 on 0792 008 6357 or via

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