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Events: Gendered Lens for Homelessness Services

This month Homeless Link will be publishing a new framework and toolkit to help homelessness services become more gender informed. "The Gendered Lens" includes 7 approaches to service design and top tips to incorporate gendered thinking. The resource has been co-produced and includes original artwork from women who have experienced homelessness themselves.

To introduce the Gendered Lens we have a series of events. The launch of the toolkit is a free webinar on Wednesday 28th February at 10 am

Book into this webinar here

This will be followed by a series of communities of practice where participants from different groups of services can discuss how women's needs can be better built into services.

The first community of practice on supporting women in mixed gender accommodation is on 5th March at 10am.

The second community of practice on supporting women in single gender accommodation is on 12th March at 10am.

The final session on supporting women in day centres and communities of practice is on 19th March at 10am.

You can find more details by clicking on the relevant link below.

Supporting women in mixed gender accommodationSupporting women in single-gender accommodationSupporting women in day centres and support services

Channel website: http://www.homelesslink.org.uk

Original article link: https://homeless.org.uk/news/events-gendered-lens-for-homelessness-services/

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