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FSA Welcomes National Audit Office Report

The Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Chief Executive Emily Miles yesterday welcomed the National Audit Office’s latest report ‘Regulating after EU Exit’.

The report examines the regulatory role of the FSA and two other regulatorswhose work has been significantly affected by EU Exit. 

Responding to the report, FSA Chief Executive Emily Miles says:

“We note the findings in this report, which recognises the significant growth of the FSA’s responsibilities since we left the EU.  We have ensured, at all stages that food remains safe and is what it says it is and this continues to be our top priority.

“Since leaving the EU, we have taken on several new functions. In particular, we are now responsible for the approval of new food products that come on to the UK market. We have an enhanced role in import controls for food entering the country and we have expanded our work to tackle food fraud. 

“We no longer have full access to EU data alerts, but we now link with more than 180 countries for food safety notifications, while also receiving third-country notifications from the EU. This ensures we effectively manage food incidents and tackle fraudulent behaviour.

“We look forward to responding to the report in full and in the meantime will continue to work with Ministers, other parts of government, our international and local partners, including local authorities and in collaboration with industry, to ensure food remains safe and what it says it is.” 

The report acknowledges that the FSA’s new strategy recommits us to our mission of food you can trust and sets out principles for how we will regulate for the next five years.


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